Cognitive Dissonance, Conditioning, and Reality Creation by Brendan D. Murphy


In light of the evidence available to us today through various spheres of investigation, philosophical materialism can justifiably be looked upon as an unconscious ego defence mechanism (a shield against cognitive dissonance), a sort of superstition designed to preserve the individual’s limited conception of self at the expense of a vast array of fascinating and factual information. Denial is a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.

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Thoughts On a Sunny Afternoon by Greg Calise


I’m sitting here allowing thoughts to flow through the blank screen of my mind. As I look out of my sliding glass door, it seems so quiet and peaceful. Nice trees, manicured lawn and shrubs. The birds fly close by, and my cat likes to talk to them. I live in a one horse town, which suits me fine. Most people would find it quite boring, but I am content. Life here is very different from big, bustling cities. I enjoy quiet.

I know the world is in chaos. I see it on the internet and Facebook. I try not to get too wrapped up in any of it anymore. There’s not much I can do about it anyway. It’s getting worse by the day. It seems the vast majority of people are seriously programmed, hypnotized to believe what their authorities tell them. Just look at the presidential race. We have Hillary Clinton, a career criminal, with a long list of criminal activities and a long line of dead people in her and her husband’s wake. Then we have Donald Duck Trump, a spoiled selfish brat that blurts out anything without thinking. And people are actually believing these idiots. Not much hope.


Then there’s the invasion of Moslems in Europe which refuse to integrate into European culture, but want to instate Sharia law. That multiculturalism isn’t working too well. We also have the proxy wars, where america and its allies actually arming and supporting the terrorists. So much for the war on terror.

But what I see as the most dangerous situation is geoengineering, which includes chemtrails. These are poisoning not only humanity, but all of life on Earth. GMOs have practically destroyed most of the food in america. What to speak of the push for trans-humanism and collectivism. Then we have fracking. Injecting toxic poisons into the Earth’s crust, poisoning the water table and causing earthquakes. Who thinks of these demonic ideas?


I was reading an article the other day about life on the Greek island of Ikaria, where people live very long healthy lives.They live the simple life, with their hands in the dirt, growing their own food. They seem to have managed to escape modern society. They have extended families and very little disease or depression. I was thinking how different it is from the disconnected modern society we live in today. We seem to have forgotten our roots and divorced ourselves from Mother Earth.

I find that in these chaotic times, it is very important to stay balanced. Many people claim to be open minded, but they cling ever so tightly to rigid belief systems. Sometimes they can become fanatical about their beliefs, and refuse to listen to any information that opposes their strongly held beliefs. It becomes like a fundamental religion, which chains them to the matrix. Hardly open minded. Lighten up. Become more balanced, more grounded.


I see the corruption in governments, banking and big corporations. But I also see that same corruption in the average person. It seems widespread. Sometimes I wonder for how much longer Mother Earth will put up with such a humanity. As George Carlin once said, “She will shake us off like a bad case of fleas.”

But I also see the wonderful, art, writings and creativity. This gives me some hope. Yet I also see the other side of creativity, and the ugliness that they express. It’s a mixed bag, this world. Some very nice people, and some very nasty people. Unfortunately it’s the nasty people who are in charge.

I don’t believe in any mass awakening. How could it ever happen? A large portion of society are not actually human at all. They don’t have a human soul, but a soul of a demon, or two, or more. They are incapable of any spiritual contemplation, what to speak of any kind of spiritual enlightenment.


These times are very perplexing. “What am I doing here?” you might ask. Well, you wanted to be here for the great show. It is in times like these that we can make great spiritual progress. But it is not without its dangers. Many become lost in the hypnotic trance of the matrix. So how are You doing in all of this?

Sometimes I think about the hell I have been through with my health in this last year. Now it just seems like a very bad dream. I still have a few more surgeries to go through, but I am feeling optimistic that I will finally reach the end of it. It has not been a very comfortable journey, but I have survived against all odds. My doctors told me it is a miracle that I have survived.

But mostly I sit here in silence with my cat, looking out at the peacefulness through my sliding glass door. The world is in chaos, and there isn’t much I can do about it. Change must happen within. Until people realize this, the chaos will continue, as it is a reflection of the chaos within the collective human subconscious. Everyone seems to want to avoid working on their inner landscape, and blaming everything outside of themselves. These are just some of the thoughts that flow past the blank screen of the mind. I find it much easier to just be present, deepen my relationship with Mother Earth and my own deeper Self. My life is quiet.

– Greg Calise


10 Quotes From a Sioux Indian Chief That Will Make You Question Everything About Our Society by Dejan


Luther Standing Bear was an Oglala Lakota Sioux Chief who, among a few rare others such as Charles Eastman, Black Elk and Gertrude Bonnin occupied the rift between the way of life of the Indigenous people of the Great Plains before, and during, the arrival and subsequent spread of the European pioneers.

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False Light and Traps of Agreements by Laura Leon


“There is much healthy discussion taking place in determining the ways that manipulating forces have invaded, hijacked and concealed Light Truth. For those on such a quest in their awakening state, a far more sophisticated level of ensnaring is surfacing on account of this power; a power occurring within the Universal Wave, which is inside us as much as throughout the Universe.

Now more than ever we are navigating through a minefield of not only misinformation, disinformation and spiritual interference, but also a whole new level of seduction that seeks to blind and bind humanity deeper within the earthen prison matrix- especially against those waking up and unlocking Keys. The aim of the ‘game’ is to snare humanity utilizing powerful truths.

If one is connected to their True Source, through one’s inner kingdom, and not via external sources, then they will not seek to gravitate to anything parasitic with attaching hosting forces, designed to lead one astray.

Their means of snaring are conducted with enough pearls of truth to seduce ones soul (not Spirit as the Spirit cannot be lied or seduced to), to not only be harvested, but also invaded, possessed and bound unto all manner of trappings. Such effects will only lead one away from “SELF”, which is derailing from the true path. Whatever one calls these forces is irrelevant, for there are many, and so many in fact that most would find it difficult to fathom.

These ‘tools’ that were taught to humanity via different mediums through rituals, esoteric arts, channeling etc, were just ways in which all these ‘beings’, ‘entities’, dark matter could invade and harvest under the guise of spirituality and truth seeking.

Whatever gifts and knowledge bestowed was to serve their hidden objectives of our enslavement to ‘them’. The purpose was to fool the soul so that people would not connect to their ‘Spirit Being’ or ‘Universal Frequency Template’. In so doing, they were and have been able to hijack humanity and keep them away from the Center of their BEING, wherein everyone bears the Vital and ability to access everything without obstruction, corruption, manipulating forces nor astral interference.

All of the differing tools used are essentially instruments for channeling the many ‘forces’, ‘principalities’, Archontic, reptilian, alien/parasitic hierarchies etc. This information is not from the True Source in my experience, but rather a part of the programming matrix, which is to keep everyone deeply locked inside ‘their’ elaborate prison farm, that is not just the world we live in, but the most powerful prison being layered upon minds and heart. In this way we are truly trapped if we continue to believe the holographic prison matrix and accept the version of reality that they are and have been controlling the masses to believe, see, smell, hear and live.

They had to find ways to keep people trapped whom are waking up. They knew they could not stop the Universal energies in consegrity when such occurs, so what better way to keep the prisoners breaking out than to give them ‘spiritual esoteric gifts’, tools and instruments so as to keep them ensnared with even more hijacking attachments that would serve to keep them from the very truth they are seeking. This is the ouroboros, where upon no matter how much you seek, you will never truly get anywhere except more laden with attachments and new agreements of entrapment, so as to never escape the snake that is feasting upon you. The information will lure you further into deeper centers where hosting and invasion are a set up waiting.

The seduction is in how the information makes a person ‘FEEL’, which is the key to how they operate. One must ‘know thyself’ in order to discern the difference between the True Universal Source and the false light and manipulations of the invaders, hijackers and overseers. There are many drug-like affects they can induce upon us with everything, and language is one of the greatest spells cast to keep us rigged inside the web, even and especially when we are truth seeking. These inducements/attachments will keep one digging further and further inside the snake while simultaneously separating the seeker from ‘Self’, therefore the ‘True Source’.

This of course is designed to keep us away from the very thing ‘they’ fear the most which is Yourself = the Kingdom of the Universes. When many of these magical things are ‘created’ to be a conduit of information transference under the guise of helping mankind connect to ‘Spirit’, then not only is the information corrupted, but it is corrupted because it comes with quantum levels of attachments, agreements and invaders, whose sources operate under ulterior hidden agendas. Such have nothing to do with helping us to become emancipated out of this harvesting prison recycling hell.

I don’t know if you have seen archontic parasites which are one example of the hordes at work here, but they love hosting people by making people feel a false sense of ‘god’, protection, guidance, psychic gifts, downloads, spiritism, blessings, euphoric holy spirit feelings, feelings of love, of things we ourselves ‘feed’ from (list is too long), though in reality they are nothing but attachments that are only interested in vampirizing us eternally inside the great Harvester Ouroboros. The more we look outside ourselves and give into others realities, the more lost we will be until finally our Spirits will be so disconnected in that division of Being, that the soul will no longer have True Source discernment because it simply will not recognize ‘itself’ in order to shatter the matrix of captivity.”

– Sovereign Laura Leon


The Truth About “Ascension” by Storm Wolf


For many years now there has been so much conversation about “ascension” and the “ascension process” – What I have to say about this may shock some, may anger some, but hopefully will enlighten others and stop you from being disappointed in something that is NOT going to happen.

For nearly two decades now there has been a consistently escalating conversation about the topic of “ascension” and how one can prepare for it. The majority of these speaking on the topic speak of it in the same tone as the christian “rapture” as an event that will take you into the heavenlies. Others tell that a benevolent ET race will come and take everyone away who is “prepared” to ascend. None of these are accurate representations of the actual process as it REALLY happens.

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For the Love of Animals by Greg Calise


I have found that true loving emotions for animals are a powerful doorway to awakening. Not only does it have a powerful influence on ourselves, but it is a powerful healing for Mother Nature. Animals are Mother Nature’s ambassadors. It is a powerful way to reintegrate and reawaken our relationship with Mother Nature. To ignore animals, especially their sufferings, makes us cold hearted.

Our pets are a direct line to Mother Nature. How we treat our pets have a direct outcome on our relationship with all of life. They are our guides, and should never be abused. For the majority of pet owners, they can easily see that their pets have unique personalities, feelings and they have a long short term memory and long term memory. Melissa Schindler has this to say about a cat’s memory:

“Kitty’s Brain
Kitty’s brain, while smaller than yours, is a lot like it. He has frontal, temporal, occipital and parietal lobes just like a human brain. His brain is also made up of white and gray matter. The same five senses send information to his brain.

“The most accepted theory about how Kitty remembers things is called neural combination theory. Kitty has connections between the neurons in his brain. Each neuron stores a part of a memory, and when the right combination of neurons is activated, Kitty will recall a memory.

“Kitty’s Memory
In one test of where to find food, cats’ short-term memory lasted about 16 hours, compared with only five minutes for dogs.
Long-term memory for a cat is more powerful. Although a cat might lock only a few people or places into his long-term memory, he can remember them for years. He can remember certain places or people for most of his life.

“Learning Ability
A cat’s memory and decision-making skills are on par with those of a 2- or 3-year old. He learns by observation. He can learn how to open doors by watching you do it. He’ll learn how to hunt and groom himself by watching his mom.
He’s also capable of solving puzzles. If you’ve seen Kitty jump onto five things just to snuggle on top of your refrigerator, you’ve witnessed this ability.”

Our pets are smarter than we think. They allow us a direct access to Mother Nature, so if you decide to have pets, be prepared to treat them just like any other family member.

But it is not only our pets that open that door, but all animals.

If that didn’t bring a tear, then perhaps your heart is already made of stone. Perhaps its time to soften it up. Pets, as well as all animals, can be powerful instruments for softening the heart if you allow them.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” — Anatole France

This quote sums up this article. Do not think that you can awaken if you have negative feelings or indifference to animals. Such a mindset keeps you bound to the matrix. Opening your heart must also include the love for animals and all of Mother Nature.


“But the old Lakota was wise. He knew that a man’s heart, away from nature, becomes hard; he knew that lack of respect for growing, living things soon led to lack of respect for humans, too. So he kept his children close to nature’s softening influence.”
– Chief Luther Standing Bear

Animals are our brothers and sisters. The American Indians knew this deeply. The only animals they hunted for food, were animals that told them the were willing to be sacrificed for the tribe. The hunter prayed over the spirit of the animal, and the animal progressed to a higher birth. This is very different to the cruel treatment of animals by the white man. Somehow modern society believes that it is fine to raise animals in despicable factory farms. Fortunately, we do not have to consume poor animals that are subjected to the cruelties they face today. Perhaps we should get in touch with the indigenous people’s way of life. Our modern civilization is so divorced from Mother Nature, that it is very difficult for most people to even awaken their higher sentiments. Love animals and love Mother Nature.

– Greg Calise

Who Am I ? by Ramana Maharshi


I’m neither beginningless nor with beginning;
I’m a Sun that never sets.
I’m neither concealed nor unconcealed;
I’m a Sun that never sets.
I’m neither illumined nor unillumined;
I’m a Sun that never sets.
I’m nectarean knowledge,
unchanging bliss;
I’m everywhere,
like space

~ Song of the Avadhut, Chapter III

God Is Right In Front Of Us by Andrew Harvey


“We are so addicted, either to materialism or to transcending material reality, that we don’t see God right in front of us, in the beggar, the starving child, the brokenhearted woman; in our friend; in the cat; in the flea. We miss it.. The monotheistic religions honor an off-planet God and would sacrifice this world and its attachments to the adoration of that God.

But the God I met was both immanent and transcendent. This world is not an illusion, and the philosophies that say it is are half-baked half-truths. In an authentic mystical experience, the world does disappear and reveal itself as the dance of the divine consciousness. But then it reappears, and you see that everything you are looking at is God, and everything you’re touching is God. This vision completely shatters you…”
~Andrew Harvey

Smile by Greg Calise


A genuine smile is a very powerful healing remedy in a chaotic and cruel world. Wherever I go, I always smile at everyone. A genuine smile, not a fake, forced smile. I try to connect with everyone I meet, whether it be in a store, on the street, a cafe, at the doctors office, everywhere.

I begin with a genuine smile. That alone can have the power to change a person’s day, or even his life. But more than that, I try to connect with them at a genuine level. No, I do not try to wake them up. I accept them as they are in the moment. A little eye contact, something kind to say, something to let them know that I actually care about them. Many times I will lightly joke with them, and most people smile or even laugh. It really is quite powerful, and can change a person’s mood or attitude. “What, someone is being kind to me?” It gives them self worth, hope and a positive reaction. It lifts their spirits. It really does work wonders.

When I’m in the hospital, I remember the nurse’s name, ask her about her life, her family, her dreams. This is very powerful. Nurse’s have a difficult job, and when they see that a patient actually genuinely cares about them, you can see the shift in their consciousness. I treat the doctors with the same caring and respect. Hospital doctors are under a lot of stress, and when a patient connects with genuine caring as a person, they let down their guard and become more caring themselves.

Even in the operating room, I smile and make eye contact with each individual on the team. I will joke with them, and I tell them I am very confident of each one of them on the team. I tell them that I feel that I can trust all of them to do a good job. That is always a good way to begin a surgery. Whenever I go to the hospital, the nurses and doctors remember me and are happy to see me again. I do this everywhere I go.

I cannot be any other way. When you go through tremendous suffering, a genuine kindness awakens within you You breathe it in every action.


“Before you know kindness as the deepest thing inside,
you must know sorrow as the other deepest thing.
You must wake up with sorrow.
You must speak to it till your voice
catches the thread of all sorrows
and you see the size of the cloth.

“Then it is only kindness that makes sense anymore,
only kindness that ties your shoes
and sends you out into the day to mail letters and
purchase bread,
only kindness that raises its head
from the crowd of the world to say
it is I you have been looking for,
and then goes with you every where
like a shadow or a friend.”
– Naomi Shihab Nye

“If we only think of ourselves, if we know only our own needs and ignore the needs of the other person, we cannot love. We must look deeply in order to see and understand the needs, aspirations, and suffering of the person we love. This is the ground of real love. You cannot resist loving another person when you really understand him or her.”
– Thich Nhat Hanh

I wrote in the Fruits of Suffering:

“Something manifests through our suffering. It is as if it must be the price to pay to arrive at a deeper understanding of yourself and the world. To delve deeper beyond the superficiality of life, to acquire new eyes and heart to see, not only the world, but to peer deeply into your own Being. We must walk the black road, into the shadowlands of our unconscious, to come face to face with the aspects of our Being that we have pushed away. The traumas, the misfortunes, the guilts, the hurts and rejections, all we did not want to be a part of us, pushed away, forgotten in the darkness…………. The deeper we travel down this black road, something manifests within us. It is genuine kindness and caring. Nothing artificial. It is a heart felt consciousness.”

Now not everyone must suffer before awakening their true kindness. Some people are born naturally kind and caring. Perhaps they suffered deeply in a previous life. For me, I had to suffer deeply many times. And suffering doesn’t end when one’s genuine kindness is awakened.

Another point to consider that it is immaterial how people respond to your smile or your kindness. Some people are drowning in their miseries or may have a very negative mindset. Being too attached to their miseries, they do not want to uplift their spirit. That is fine. You smile a genuine smile, not for some result, but because that is who you are. You are impelled from within to be kind and caring. Sometimes you just need to disconnect from certain people, as their negativity is just too uncomfortable be around.

Sometimes you may not feel like smiling. That is fine. Don’t smile. You don’t need to walk around with a constant grin. People will probably think you are stoned. Don’t force anything. Always be genuine. There are plenty of times that I don’t feel like smiling or even being kind. Some people or circumstances do not elicit a smile from me. Not everyone even deserves your kindness. As I always say, be real.

The power of a genuine smile, a personal contact, a genuine caring of the other person, is a very powerful elixir in this world. This is how I live my life. And it works both ways. When someone genuinely smiles at me, it immediately lifts my spirits, and the connection is made. Love to you all.

– Greg Calise

Soulless Humans by Rudolf Steiner


Rudolf Steiner hinting at “Soulless Humans”

Dr. Steiner: That little girl L.K. in the first grade must have something really very wrong inside. There is not much we can do. Such cases are increasing in which children are born with a human form, but are not really human beings in relation to their highest I; instead, they are filled with beings that do not belong to the human class. Quite a number of people have been born since the nineties without an I, that is, they are not reincarnated, but are human forms filled with a sort of natural demon. There are quite a large number of older people going around who are actually not human beings, but are only natural; they are human beings only in regard to their form. We cannot, however, create a school for demons.

A teacher: How is that possible?

Dr. Steiner: Cosmic error is certainly not impossible. The relationships of individuals coming into earthly existence have long been determined. There are also generations in which individuals have no desire to come into earthly existence and be connected with physicality, or immediately leave at the very beginning. In such cases, other beings that are not quite suited step in. This is something that is now quite common, that human beings go around without an I; they are actually not human beings, but have only a human form. They are beings like nature spirits, which we do not recognize as such because they go around in a human form. They are also quite different from human beings in regard to everything spiritual. They can, for example, never remember such things as sentences; they have a memory only for words, not for sentences.

The riddle of life is not so simple. When such a being dies, it returns to nature from which it came. The corpse decays, but there is no real dissolution of the etheric body, and the natural being returns to nature. It is also possible that something like an automaton could occur. The entire human organism exists, and it might be possible to automate the brain and develop a kind of pseudomorality.


I do not like to talk about such things since we have often been attacked even without them. Imagine what people would say if they heard that we say there are people who are not human beings. Nevertheless, these are facts. Our culture would not be in such a decline if people felt more strongly that a number of people are going around who, because they are completely ruthless, have become something that is not human, but instead are demons in human form.

(Faculty Meetings With Rudolf Steiner Vol. 2, 3 July 1923, p. 649-650)

– Organic Portals – Soulless Humans

A Battle For Your Mind and Soul by Greg Calise


Make no mistake, we are in the midst of a battle for our mind and soul; and for our very life. The entire matrix is designed to steal your mind and soul. Unfortunately the mass of humanity have already succumbed to this diabolical plan. They have already handed over their mind and soul to the predators, believing all of the lies and deceit that the media, the governments and the school systems program them to.

“A considerable percentage of the people we meet on the street are people who are empty inside, that is, they are actually already dead. It is fortunate for us that we do not see and do not know it. If we knew what a number of people are actually dead and what a number of these dead people govern our lives, we should go mad with horror.”
– George Gurdjieff

But there are many of us that have awakened to this diabolical scheme, and we refuse to allow the controllers to enter our mind and steal our souls. We are in the midst of this great battle, trying to awaken others. But it is not without its dangers. We are attacked constantly. Max Igan, Laura Eisenhower and many more have been attacked lately. David Icke and George Kavassilas are constantly attacked. Jeff Rense escaped a murder attempt a few months ago. Many holistic doctors have been murdered lately for exposing the corrupt medical system.


This is what we are up against for exposing the matrix of lies and deceptions. We are Public Enemy Number One. It comes with a price, and you need to be brave enough to walk down that road. It helps to have protectors. I have Mother Earth and a powerful mystical lion who protect me, and I am eternally grateful.


I have been attacked multiple times. In the late 1980s, while living in the mountains of California, I had a very profound awakening. The Universe sprouted from the depths of my Being. I was able to see the structure of creation and every living thing, including the atom. I saw how all energy, time and consciousness move through this structure. In 1989 I wrote a book about this with many diagrams. That book fell into the hands of Professor Keith Critchlow, who is the world’s most distinguished expert in sacred geometry and sacred architecture. He was with the Prince of Wales Institute of Architecture in London. He hired me as a consultant, and wanted to co-author a book for the Oxford curriculum. About two months into work, we had a meeting, where I saw two men in dark suits, who remained quiet through the meeting. After the meeting, they cornered me in the hallway, and began interrogating me about the book. They wanted to know where I got this information. I told them the truth, that it came to me through meditation, but they didn’t believe me. They said that much of the book was the secret teachings of Plato, and that no one was supposed to know this knowledge. 3 weeks later, I was in the hospital with kidney failure. I was then deported back to America. I am still suffering from those consequences. I had several hospital says after that, where I was certain that I was going to die.

On the first of January, 2004, I had a major awakening, which made the previous awakening pale in comparison. I awakened to my true inner Self. It was a major transformation of my life. About 2 years later, I got systemic candida, which attacked all of the systems in my body. I suffered with this for 9 months. For 2 months I was unable to sleep at all, not even for a few moments. If I laid down, I would go into convulsions. I stayed present, and by some miracle, I didn’t go insane. I finally found out what was wrong with me, but it took several months to finally find the proper supplements to kill it off in 3 weeks. That was a terrible experience, but I survived. This is divine protection at work.


What I have seen, as Max Igan points out, is that each time that I was attacked, I survived, and I became so much stronger after each attack. Especially spiritually, as well as a more powerful conviction.

When I started my blog, I was very careful to keep my blog small, so I wouldn’t get found out. I wanted to stay incognito. That worked out well for the first two years, but then a few of my more controversial articles ended up on various websites, where all of a sudden I got many hundreds, and even thousands of face book likes. My cover was blown, and a few weeks later I ended up in the hospital. It should have been two simple procedures, and it would be completely finished in two surgeries in one month. Well, it didn’t exactly turn out like that. The infection went into my heart, and I had a heart attack. Then I had three botched surgeries in a row. What are the chances of one of the best surgeons in the area doing three botched surgeries in a row? Then I had numerous serious secondary complications, each of which nearly killed me. It took every ounce of strength to stay alive. I have written about that journey in A Pawn In the Grand Chess Game of the Gods, Still Flying Through Hell In a Hand Basket, Still Battling for Life, and Crawling Out of Hell. It was a hellish ordeal. So this is the battle of consciousness. If you decide to speak publicly about the matrix, you had better have good protection, a lot of courage and expect to be confronted. But what else can we do, remain silent in the face of evil? For me, that was not an option. I have always been an iconoclast, knocking down pedestals.


I have ongoing attacks. My website has been attacked, and in the last three months, my computer has been hacked twice. I constantly get spammed, even with spam blockers. Just before Christmas, I got a slab leak, where the water came up through the floor. I had to wait 3 days for the plumbers, who pretty much tore my apartment apart. In the midst of it, my cat went missing. Needless to say I was very distraught. Fortunately, I heard her up in the attic at 9:30 at night, trying to get down. I cried tears of joy. The plumbers left the house in shambles for 10 days, and it looks like they won’t be coming back until after the new year. That’s how I spent my Christmas.

So, considering all of the mayhem being thrown at me, I have decided to not write anymore posts exposing the matrix. I need a rest. I still have a few more surgeries to go through. My heart is only working less than 50%, so I am still weak, and I cannot exert myself. I figure that I have done what I came here to do. I have 363 posts of my own writings, and many more from other authors. I am still pretty obscure, compared to the majority of other light bearers, but they have had me on their radar since 1994 as someone to keep silenced, as I knew way too much. In recent years I have exposed a lot of the matrix, which makes me considered a dangerous person. It is not only how many people that you reach with your information, but more importantly, what the information is exposing. At this point, I request that no one post my articles on their websites. That seemed to get me in trouble. My whole mission was to remain Incognitus, unknown. Well, that got out of hand, not without major repercussions. Feel free to read through the hundreds of articles on this blog. May you all be blessed by Grace in your journeys.

– Greg Calise


Once When We Were Free by Jon Rappoport



December 24, 2012

We’re so much more sensible now. We don’t live our lives as much as we arrange them and organize them. B follows A. D follows C. We take our medicine and our shots because the doctor says so.

We’re careful, because accidents happen.

We don’t say what’s on our minds a lot of the time, because other people might pass that on, and who knows? We might get into trouble.

But once upon a time, when we were young, we were free. We didn’t take any shots, and when we got sick we recovered. We were stronger than kids are now. We didn’t ask for much protection and we weren’t given much, and we survived.

There was no talk about the needs of the group. When we went to school, we weren’t told about ways we could help others. That was something we learned at home. We weren’t taught about The Planet. Instead, we learned to mind our own business, and it wasn’t considered a crime.

When we played games, adults weren’t hovering or coaching every move we made. We found places to play on our own, and we figured it all out. There were winners and losers. There were no plastic trophies. We played one game, then another. We lost, we won. We competed. Losing wasn’t a tragedy.

There were no childhood “conditions” like ADHD or Bipolar, and we certainly didn’t take any brain drugs. The idea of a kid going to a psychiatrist would have been absurd.

People were who they were. They had lives. They had personalities. They had eccentricities, and we lived with that.

There was far less whispering and gossip. There were fewer cliques. Kids didn’t display their possessions like signs of their identity. A kid who did was ignored, even shunned.

Kids never acted like little adults. They didn’t dress like adults. They didn’t want to be fake adults.

Our parents didn’t consult us about what we wanted. We weren’t part of the decision-making process. They didn’t need us for that.

We weren’t “extra-special.” We weren’t delicate.

No one asked us about our feelings. If they had, we would have been confused. Feelings? What’s that? We were alive. We knew it. We didn’t need anything else.

We could spot liars a mile away. We could spot phonies from across town. We knew who the really crazy adults were, and we stayed away from them.

We didn’t need gadgets and machines to be happy. We only needed a place to play. If you wanted a spot to be alone, you found one, and you read a book.

There was no compulsion to “share.”

School wasn’t some kind of social laboratory or baby-sitting service. We were there to learn, and if we worked hard, we did. Teachers knew how to teach. The textbooks were adequate. Whether the books were new or old didn’t matter.

Kids weren’t taught how to be little victims.

Sex was a private issue. You were taught about that at home or not at all. You certainly didn’t learn about it in school. That would have been ridiculous.

Some of us remember being young, and now, we still have that North Star. We still don’t take our shots and medicines. We still don’t take every word a doctor says as coming from God. We still know losing isn’t a crime or an occasion for tragic theater.

We still know how to be alone. We still think gossip and cliques are for morons. We still feel free. We still want to live, and we do.

We still resent intrusion on our freedom, and we speak up and draw the line. We still like winning and competing. We still like achieving on our own.

We can spot self-styled messiahs at a hundred yards.

As kids, we lived in our imaginations, and we haven’t forgotten how. It’s part of who and what we are.

We aren’t bored every twelve seconds. We can find things to do.

We don’t need reassurances every day. We don’t need people hovering over us. We don’t need to whine and complain to get attention. We don’t need endless amounts of “support.”

We don’t need politicians who lie to us constantly, who pretend we’re stupid. We don’t need ideology shoved down our throats. Our ideology is freedom. We know what it is and what it feels like, and we know no one gives it to us. It’s ours to begin with. We can throw it away, but then that’s on us.

If two candidates are running for office, and we don’t like either one, we don’t vote. We don’t need to think about that very hard. It’s obvious. Two idiots, two criminals? Forget it. Walk away.

We don’t fawn, we don’t get in other people’s way. We don’t think “children are the future.” Every generation is a new generation. It always has been. We don’t need to inject some special doctrine to pump up children. We remember what being a child is. That’s enough.

When we were kids, there was no exaggerated sense of loyalty. We were independent. Now, we see what can be accomplished in the name of obligation, group-cohesion, and loyalty: crimes; imperial wars; destruction of natural rights.

It didn’t take a village to raise a kid when we were young, and it doesn’t take one now. That’s all propaganda. It panders to people who are afraid to be what they are, who are afraid to stand up for themselves.

We don’t feel it’s our duty to cure every ill in the world. But it goes a lot further than that. We can see what that kind of indoctrination creates. It creates the perception of endless numbers of helpless victims. And once that’s firmly entrenched, then magically, the endless parade of victims appears, ready-made. When some needs have been met, that’s never enough, so other needs are born. The lowest form of hustlers sell those needs from here to the sky and beyond. They make no distinction between people who really can use help and those who are just on the make.

We didn’t grow up that way. We don’t fall for the con now.

When we were kids, the number of friends we had didn’t matter. We didn’t keep score. Nobody kept track of the count. That would have been recognized in a second as a form of insanity.

As kids, we didn’t admire people simply because other people admired them. That was an unknown standard.

We were alive. That was enough. We were free. That was enough.

It still is.

When we were young, we had incredible dreams. We imagined the dreams and imagined accomplishing them. Some of us still do. Some of us still work in that direction. We haven’t given up the ghost just because the world is mad.

The world needs to learn what we know. We don’t need to learn what the world has been brainwashed into believing.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX,