Expert Tips On Figure Drawing That You Need To Know

Figure drawing is quite the task but if done in the right way, the results are beautiful not just for the onlookers but the artist as well. If you are looking to do a next level figure drawing, you are at the right place. In this article, we share with you 4 expert tips on figure drawing that you absolutely cannot miss out on.

  1. Make The Rectangle First

First make an outline in a rectangle, estimating a rough size of where your subject might fit in. Make a rough estimate of the height and length of the subject and draw a close to the accurate outline of it. A rectangle is easy for figure drawing as you can resize and scale it later depending on the framework of the figure drawing.

  1. Measurements

Before you start marking the features, make sure you draw the figure first. Most artists do it the other way round which is not right. Marking is supposed to help the drawing, not vice versa. However, if you plan to draw without measuring the drawing won’t be a refined one, and there might be mistakes that you as the artist might not be noticed. So it is a safe bet to measure the features on the drawing and then go ahead with it.

  1. Inflated Torso

Nothing looks worse on a portrait drawing than a balloon-like torso. For some practice, you can use a photo/Image for paint or sketch. It will automatically ruin the entire drawing. No figure is accurately symmetrical on all sides and that is one mistake which all beginners commit. You have to know how to add curves to it otherwise the torso will look flat and definitely not real.

  1. Collarbone

Getting the collarbone right can be tricky but it distinctly adds beauty to a man or woman’s overall appearance. For men, the collarbone is mostly rough and thick and they articulate pronounced curves. While in the case of women, the collarbone is less thick and slender and they are not as distinctly curvy as with the case of men.

Once you have got these four tricks right, you can go ahead to accentuate and highlight the features. You could create focal points in the sense that if you feel certain features in the figure are more beautiful and striking than the others then go ahead and highlight them.

These tips are not just for beginners but also artists who are looking to improve on their figure drawing skills. So go ahead and take out your sketchbook to start practising already. It is always through regular practice that you will understand what is it that you are doing good and where are the areas that need improvement. This will help you in doing your next figure drawing more accurately and as close to real as possible.

If you have thoughts or want to share some ideas on figure drawing, feel free to drop in a line in the comments below. Happy Sketching!

You’ve learned five key drawing tips for mastering the figure. Beginners and learning artists get the inside track on all things drawing from this top-notch instructor. Grab your sketchbook and get started

Tips On Hair Care After Taking Out Braids

Before we get into hair care after taking out braids it is better to learn something about hair care in general. Now there are many techniques that you can use to care for your hair. The general public visit beauty salons for treatments of all kinds. The salons use various hair products that have therapeutic properties and can repair damaged hair. The reason why most men and women invest so much in hair care is because the hair constitutes a major part of the way we look. Nice hair goes a long way in giving our confidence and our personality a major boost. Good and healthy hair is a sign  that we  are good from the inside. Some treatments can be very time consuming and not to mention expensive but in the long run they are good for the hair.

Introduction to hair braiding

Braiding has turned into a rage as both men and women have started to use this style. Let us look at ideal ways to braid before I tell you what to do after taking out braids. Firstly you should make sure that your hair is properly washed and conditioned. It is important to keep the hair wet, moisturized and clean at all times. Avoid getting your hair tangled in the shower as it will be easy to comb through it.

After you have gone through the first step you can then begin to divide the  hair into different sections. You should then start braiding the smallest parts. Diving your hair into sections will ensure that the whole procedure can be carried out in an organized way.

Remember that taking out the braid and caring for your hair much depends on how you braid them initially.

Relaxing hair after taking out braids

  • You can begin by massaging your entire scalp with hair oil. Again divide your hair in to  small sections and attend to them individually. Use pins or clips to separate the hair into sections. You should have a cross like formation on your hair.
  • Begin with a single section and apply the relaxing cream or oil generously over  the scalp and hair making sure that you do not miss out on a single spot. Repeat this entire process for the entire head. You  must take special care to focus on the root of the hair.
  • After you have applied the oil or the relaxer on all the sections of the head; you could try to massage your hair  and scalp very gently. If you are doing this by yourself then you can control the speed but if you are doing this at a salon you should ask the person there to massage gently. Now the very texture of the hair will indicate the amount of time you should leave the relaxer on your scalp.
  • When you have decided that it is time to wash out the relaxer cream you should use plain water to rinse out the entire thing from your scalp before you even apply a shampoo. Try to apply a mild protein conditioner and leave it on for about 5 minutes and then wash it out completely before you apply some shampoo. There are many brands out there that manufacture this protein conditioner.
  • Always use a neutralizing shampoo as this helps to rinse out all the relaxer and stop the hair from breakage. When you decide to shampoo make sure that you work up a good lather that will remove the relaxer completely. You can also buy certain shampoos that will indicate if you have left any relaxer on your head.
  • Remember to condition your hair at all times. After you have rinsed the hair wipe it completely dry and apply conditioner to your hair and spread it evenly all over your hair. Comb the hair nicely and leave it for at least five minutes. You can even resort to hot oil massages as they too work wonders.
  • The last step will is to rinse out the conditioner completely and dry your hair with a towel and you can style it as usual..

7 Questions To Ask Your Hairstylist Before the ‘Makeover’

Before you think of a makeover, you must be having dreams and expectations as to how you will look post the makeover. You need to ask the right set of questions to your hair stylist before you even get started off. Getting a bad haircut is irreversible and cuts you short in terms of maintaining a cool image or a persona for yourself.

It takes 6-8 months for your hair to grow back and undo the damage. As always said “Prevention is better than cure”. Rather than having a bad haircut or putting up with a style you don’t like in the least or doing away with a miserable color on your hair, it is better you pose the right kind of questions to your hair therapist before he places the scissors on your head:

1.      What Cut Will Suit Me?

You can just ask the hair stylist as to what kind of hair cut is best suited for your particular hair type. This question forms an important core of your style quotient. The model on the picture might just look fabulous with a particular hair style or rather the style might be the trend setter in the upcoming market. But does the cut or style suit your hair type? You need to know well in advance before you indulge in a haircut. Certain hair styles look their awesome best on certain hair types while the same style might look terrible on others. You and your hair stylist need to strike a subtle balance between the two.

2.      How flattering is the hair style to your face cut?

The next question, you probably need to ask your hair stylist is if the particular hair cut suits your facial features or no. Say for example, if your face is too long with the neck bone protruding, a wavy hair style or loose waves may not suit your face type. While plump girls look better in wavy hair styles. For an oval face, a neat bun or a French braid might look at your awesome best.

Before you even head to a nearby salon, you can try out a few hair styles with the help of a curler or diffuser right away at home. You will have a fair idea on what hair style suits your face and what does not. Then you can decide to go in for the real plunge.

3.      What Kind of Products Will You Use?

You can ponder over the kind of hair styling products the therapist is going to use on your head. There is nothing wrong in asking him/her on kind of shampoo, conditioner, styling products or nourishing items that are going to be used for your hair. Some of these products may or may not suit your hair type.

4.      Do you have prior experience?

If you have special requirements pertaining to your hair type, you need to ask your hair stylist with specific questions. Like, you have thin hair but you want a particular hair style that adds volume and bounce to your hair. You can probe if the hair stylist has a prior experience of working with a similar hair type before. If the hair stylist is pretty new and not sure on what needs to be done to your hair, then she can recommend a more experienced hair stylist to handle your haircut.

5.      How long does it take to style?

The hair stylist may take a shorter span of time to have the hair styling done. But it takes you a little longer to get the shape and style desired for. As it takes a longer while for you to get into the groove, you can ask quick fix ideas with the hair stylist as how the typical style can be achieved in less than desired amount of time. May she can suggest you certain kind of combs or bristles with which the magical style can be achieved in minutes.

6.      How often do I need to wash my hair?

You can ask your hair stylist as how often you need to wash your hair to help your locks and style remain in place. Few haircuts don’t require elaborate maintenance in terms of frequent hair washes or oiling. While few others require deep conditioning. You can get the whole thing clarified.

Also ask if the salon suggests hair styling products to keep the hair style in shape for longer. If there is a hair friendly serum pack in the salon itself, you can get a bottle home for yourself.

7.      What kind of hair color suits my hair?

The last question is definitely not the least. In fact this is the most valuable question you need to pose your hair stylist if you are going in for a freaky hair color. You might want a subtle red colored streaks done on the sides of your hair. There is every possibility that your request can be completely misunderstood and the stylist might purple color your hair completely. This happens to quite a number of women and your hair might resemble a crayon colored head. Make sure you don’t have a miserable experience in going in for first time hair color.

To make things easier, you get colored wigs available in the market. You can try your hand by placing the wig across your hair just to see how the looks accentuate your image. And then you can go in for a makeover with regard to a trendy hair color in town.

These questions might look as if you are nagging the hair professional with just too many questions under the sun. But you need to ask the right set of questions at the right time to save your head from a pathetic hair stint or style which ends up you having that sob in your car. To make life easier both for the stylist and for you, make sure you ask the above mentioned questions or even more. But make sure, you pose questions in a subtle way instead of trying to challenge with the hair stylists competency. read more

Best Ways to Damage Your Hair – Want to Know?

In the day and age that we live, it is very easy for us to cause a lot of damage to our body and hair owing to our rushed and unhealthy lifestyle as well as the pollutants and toxins that encompass us all the time.  Adding to the misery, most of us resort to artificial ways to make our hair, skin and appearance look better. What we don’t understand is that this temporary harm can lead to long term permanent damage. Read on to know the factors those contribute to this hair damage.

Styling Tools

Hair Straighteners, Blow Dryers, Rollers et al lead to immense hair damage. Styling your hair everyday makes them weaker and brittle as they are exposed to high temperature. More often than not, styling is done on wet or washed hair, which is considered very harmful. Wet hairs are more prone to getting burnt and reducing the strength and elasticity of hair. Split ends are a recurring problem for the people who style their hair often. Therefore bear in mind to use these tools only once in a while when you think it’s absolutely necessary.

Hair Treatments

It’s a myth that hair treatments such as smoothening, keratin therapies et al save your hair. They rather ruin your hair a lot more than you can imagine. You might object by saying that the hair become soft and shiny, but that is just the temporary reaction. In the longer term, it leads to hair loss, split ends and lower hair volume.

Food Habits

Unhealthy food habits also take a toll on the hair health of a person. In fact experts have suggested that if you don’t include enough green vegetables and at least one fruit in your daily diet, it will sure to make your hair brittle and dry.


Personal or workplace stress is found to be another considerable reason for hair damage. When a person is distressed, they tend to affect their hair growth cycle. You may notice losing clumps of hair while brushing or washing if you’re in a stressful situation in life. Stress also turns hair gray before age.

So if you’re dealing with the hair damage problem and doing any of the above mentioned things, then save yourself the torture and improve your habits now. It’s never too late to start.

4 Stylish Curly Hairstyle to Spice Up Your Look

Ultra straight hair can sometimes look boring and monotonous. The flip side of having straight hair is that you cannot try a variety of hair styles on your gorgeous hair. You can either leave your hair open else you can tie it up as a bun.

While you can choose a variety of hair styles with curly and wavy hair. You can leave it out in the open. Curly hair when left open gives it a fuller and a more voluminous look.

A Curvy Trend

Take a wide side partition and blow your hair silky smooth. Then you can use a medium sized curling iron on small sections. Don’t brush out the curls. Instead mist your hair with a holding spray. This keeps your curls in-tact over time. Nicole Kidman manages to pull off the hairstyle at ease.

Wonder Technique for the Wavy Hair

Mix the hair styling cream and curl cream together in a neat porcelain bowl with the help of a spatula. Apply to small portions of your hair by creating sections. Then with the help of a diffuser blow dry your hair.

Either use a curl iron or twist the flat iron to give better definition to those areas which are not as wavy as other. Finish off the look with a mist of holding spray. When Michelle Pfeiffer can, why can’t you?

Layer Cut Effect Done Right Away at Home

You can create soft waves right at the comfort of your home. Apply gel mousse to wet hair and blow dry until the hair is 80% dry. But your scalp still remains wet. So divide your hair into 5 sections and with the help of a boar bristle brush smoothen out starting from the nape of your neck until your hair has completely finished drying up.

After your scalp is like 100% dry, re-section your hair and create soft waves starting from the nape of your neck. This is done using a 2 inch curling iron. Run fingers through your hair to create the natural look and finish it up with a curly hair finishing spray. Go in for brands like Curlisto Glow and Shine. Rebecca Gayheart pulls off the hair style with ease.

Loose Waves

The look is achieved with the help of a 1.5 inch barrel curling iron. In case you have thicker hair use a light tonic which helps keep humidity off your shoulder. Spray gels or mousse completely on wet hair and dry from end to end. To get a natural wavy hair use a diffuser to dry your hair. Don’t touch the curls unless your hair is completely dry.

Create curls by dividing your golden hair into sections and then wrap your hair in the iron using your fingers. Don’t clamp your hair into the iron. It gives you soft and face framing waves. Shakira a famous Latin singer is blessed with natural wavy hair.

These trendy curly hair styles are much sought after by celebrities. And people stand in queues at the hair salon to get these trendy hair styles to rock at parties or to woo friends in casual get together.

5 Tricks to Accessorize Your Short Hair

You’ve got your lovely locks chopped some time ago, but now realize you may be getting a little bored with the same look. While waiting for your hair to grow out, it’s comforting to know that just with some clever use of hair accessories, you are able to look chic and still make heads turn.

Bobby Pins

Unbelievable but true, a simple bobby pin (or 3 in this case), clipped at the side of your head does wondersin making that fashion statement. Just pick a color that suits your mood of the day, or which complements your outfit.

Cute headbands

Headbands are aplenty out there, but the trick is to find one that is simple enough get noticed, but not too fancy to seem like you are clamoring for attention.  This cute bunny eared headband brings out the avant-garde nature in you.

However, if you are looking for some inspiration from The Great Gatsby, then getting something like this sparkly vintage headband would be great for special occasions or weddings.

Fashionable Hairclips

A simple bow hairclip in bright pink brings out the contrast with your hair color. No matter how short your hair, this small and simple hair accessory sure goes a long way in creating that chic look!


Depending on the print and color, scarves are great hair accessories even for short hair. All you need to do is to use them like a headband with a fancy looking knot above your forehead. Compliment your look with a pair of sunglasses for that stylish touch!


Finally, women have used fresh flowers as hair accessories since the time of Eve. This age-old tradition is still in fashion today and is a great idea for brides with short hair. What’s more, with the wide variety of decorative flowers, we will be spoilt for choice!