Don’t Take Life Too Seriously by Greg Calise


I had a memorable experience as a teenager while tripping on LSD. Everything became quite amusing. It was as if I had tuned into god’s comedy channel. Everything became funny, and I don’t think I stopped laughing through it all. I contemplated that experience later. I realized that there are many aspects of god. Some are creative, some are destructive, some are very serious, and then there is the comedy channel. There is an aspect of god that sees the humor in everything. It is like watching the keystone cops. There is an aspect of god that is even laughing at our stupidity.

I always had a sense of humor. When I was a child I realized that I had better have a good sense of humor to survive the insanity I was faced with daily. I think that was a good plan. I laugh a lot. Even when I was in the hospital dying, I was still quite amused by it all. I think people probably thought I was crazy to be laughing in the face of death. But I think it probably freaked out the grim reaper, because he hasn’t taken me yet. And believe me, I have come face to face with him more times than I care to remember.


As I become more and more awakened, my sense of humor seems to improve. I laugh a lot. I am easily amused, and and my humor becomes vast. I can be sincere, childish, cynical, sarcastic, light hearted, gentle, slapstick and even dark humor is there. I guess I just tune into god’s comedy channel.

I have noticed that when someone is awakened, they become childlike and laugh a lot. This is apparent in many awakened people. There is a childishness and lightness about them. And yet at times they can become very heavy and precise, like a sword slicing through a particular illusion. It is all there, the lightness and the heaviness, flowing from one to the other. Nisargadatta Maharaj was very amusing, yet he could also be a formidable tiger. He would even scream at people and ask people to leave his presence in not so kind words.


In 1989 I met a very unusual mystic seer. He was taken from his family at a very young age and put into a school run by the NSA for developing psychic abilities. He was the best they had ever seen. When I met him, he had escaped and was on the run. He took one look at me and told me all of my previous incarnations on Earth. He told me that I had gained a particular wisdom in each life, and this life was to keep my wisdom while retaining my innocence. As I look back on my life, I see that I have been able to keep my innocence. Innocence means to see everything as if it is new. It is a sense of purity to see something without corrupting it with past conceptions and knowledge; to see it as it is. So these are two diametrically opposed characteristics, knowledge and innocence. Yet this is what occurs when one awakens.

Don’t take life too seriously, as it is a dance, simply an experience. Learn to laugh and be light hearted. It keeps you young at heart. And yet there is the serious guy lurking in the background, ready to come forth when needed. Sometimes I can be serious when I am writing, because it takes the sword of truth to cut through the BS illusions. And yes, there are times one needs to be serious on his path. We are dealing with breaking free from the matrix, and that can be very serious business. But give yourself plenty of time to be light hearted as well.

As I have stated before, in my daily activities I laugh and joke a lot. I have a smile for everyone, and I make meaningful connections with everyone I meet. So yes, the two different attitudes exist together. Much of the time I can be humorous and serious at the same time. That really confuses people. But don’t be too serious, especially all of the time. Sometimes people can be serious all the time. I think they must age quickly. It must be a difficult way to go through life. I don’t know. I’ve never done it, but it doesn’t look like too much fun.

I guess I could leave you with a joke, but I’ll give you with the Keystone Cops instead.

– Greg Calise