Riding the Waves by Alistar Valadez


“Sometimes we need to be reminded of the course of nature, for no matter how high or how good life may feel at this moment, it can ALL crash and fall, as life IS about learning how to ride the waves, and the dark night of the soul finds us ALL. Many will say staying positive can help during these times, but facing, not escaping our darkness, is how we overcome. IT is good to focus on that which we want, but focusing our energy on our courage allows us to get through the dark. Just as ‘thinking’ of light in a dark room does not create light, but stepping through fears allows One to reach through that darkness, to find the hidden light switch within which has been turned off. There is always more we could have done in our past, but second guessing our past actions does not make us improve, unless we can see that our voices and actions can but only help co-create and guide, for we cannot ‘push’ the universe to our will. We as individuals each go through the personal development of our own spirits, as we all carry the decisions we make within us until the day of self-judgment arises, only then do we learn the true lessons that life has given us before our EYEs. IT would be wise to see these dark moments not as an ending, but only the movement within the motion of a spectrum or a circle, with that IT leaves the options open of returning, to that light which once was burning bright within. Just as love can turn into pain, that spectrum can always shift back to the same, for we ARE always changing and ever evolving. As they say, we are not yesterday who we are today, nor will we be the same tomorrow, yet at some point in life we do come full circle in our own inner development, and truly appreciate the gifts that come before our EYEs. We ALL Know that the forces behind matter are not passive and stable, do not leave out of your equation the facts of nature, as balance only returns when we stop trying to ‘push’ Life around, and allow the Universe to continuously unfold IT’s mysteries. Just like the Buddhist story of the mosquito trying to bite the iron bull, enlightenment comes only in the moment our ego gives up control, that IS your ‘Satori’, a true Awakening. And life begins anew, with the EYEs of a child, looking at the magic and wonder that surrounds You!”

– Alistar Valadez