Stand Strong by Greg Calise


The external world is a reflection, or manifestation, of the collective human consciousness. Because humanity is so traumatized, they cannot gather the courage to face their own shadow. They are therefor shattered individuals, broken shards, full of repressed aspects of themselves, full of internal conflict. Within this subconsciousness there is a build up of toxicity, which is overflowing, which we can see in the world.


The consciousness of humanity has a direct effect upon the external world. It is the direct cause of what we experience in out external world, which is merely a reflection of that internal consciousness. Because the human collective consciousness is so toxic, we are now living in a world overflowing with pollution. The water, the air, the earth are all overwhelmed by pollution. We cannot clean up the planet unless we clean up the consciousness of the human race, because that is the direct cause. Because our minds and emotions are out of control, moving from one state to another within moments, this manifests as the weather. Hurricanes, typhoons, tornados, droughts, floods, blizzards, hail, wind, etc. are all reflections of the unstable human minds and emotions.


The anger and hatred are manifest as wild fires, volcanoes and earthquakes. The fear we have about confronting our own shadows is manifest as the fear we see in the world. Hatred and revenge manifest as war and conflicts. Because we cannot find the courage to face ourselves and work on our internal environment, we are forced to deal with it externally. This is how the universal energy functions.

So here we find ourselves. We are living in a topsy turvy world, because the consciousness of humanity itself is topsy turvy. People are shattered within, and the world about us is in a shattered state of affairs. Almost everyone is too weak to stand on their own two feet. They are lacking any integrity or virtue, so they need crutches and handrails to function. I covered this in my post, The Murdering of the Individual. People are weak. Why? Because they don’t have the courage to look at themselves and put themselves back together in integrity. We live in a world of Humpty Dumptys. And all the king’s horses and all the king’s men could not put Humpty Dumpty together again. Only Humpty Dumpty could do that. So unless you can stand in integrity and virtue, you cannot stand for long. How many people have I known that thought they were awakened, that they were enlightened, and then with one phone call, one snide remark, and they are flat on their back. Then they are clinging for some crutch or handrail to help lift them up. How many times have I gone through a dark night of the soul without any support? All of my so called friends and family refusing any kind of support, leaving me to find my own strength to stand upon my own two feet and persevere.


So this is the reality. Unless we are in integrity, we cannot stand for long without crutches. We will blow like a leaf in the wind. What will happen when everything around us collapses? Who will be able to stand strong? What will happen when Big Brother comes knocking on everyone’s door? Who will stand strong?

To find our strength to stand strong, we must unravel the mess we find ourselves in. We must face ourselves, to come to terms with our shadows. It is a path of discovery.

“Human sickness is so severe, that few can bear to look at it. But those that do will become well.”
– Vernon Howard

“The sages know that the Tao is a way or path, and not a goal or achievement in any accepted sense. The Taoist confines himself purely to apophatic and deconstructive critiques. His job is to Socratically point out the flaws in all systems that are not rooted in Tao. In other words, although we may not be able, through logic and argument, to prove what a thing is, we can discern what it is not. In short, the Taoist is a student of human folly.”
– Michael Tsarion

“The sentence: ‘I can see that I am false’ contains all you need for liberation. Ponder over it, go into it deeply, go to the root of it; it will operate. The power is in the word, not in the person.”
– Nisargadatta Maharaj


The masters tell us that we must look through the false to find the Truth. Our own shadows are situated between the ego and the Self. So how can you awaken to the Self unless you first face your shadows? I discussed this at length in The Shadowlands. In Sanskrit this is called Nethi Nethi, not this, not that. To find out who you are, you must first see who you are not. So stay on the path. Keep facing toward the Self, and the shadows will appear before you. Heal them and bring yourself back into unity, integrity. That way when the winds blow hard, the earth shakes, and the systems collapse, you will remain standing strong.

– Greg Calise