Perfect Chaos by Greg Calise


Our world is in a very chaotic situation. Now consider that this is brought about as a direct reflection/manifestation of a very chaotic human collective consciousness. People are very confused. The social structures are breaking down, as well as the political systems, financial systems, etc. There has been a systematic crumbling of society as we knew it. This was all planned long ago by the Powers That Be. They have been softening society, breaking it down from order.

Let’s look back to the 1950s. This was a time when society was very orderly and strong. It then began breaking down. There was the beatnik culture, rock and roll, the assassination of both Kennedy’s, civil rights, women’s liberation, the hippie movement, drugs and many other factors that began the breaking down of society. I’m not saying that all of this was bad. Let’s face it, the 50s may have been orderly, but there were major flaws and abuse. Then in the early 70s the dollar was taken off of the gold standard, the oil embargo, etc. to begin the slow breakdown of the financial systems.


Society was softened by new social ideas, the breaking down of traditions and values, the breaking down of families and the school systems, women becoming promiscuous, drug use, music, wild parties and so much more. This has been continuing through the decades. Society and the family are nothing like they were 50 years ago. Along with that the food system has been poisoned, the water, air, electronic pollution, wifi; all of these are having very detrimental effects on our bodies, minds and consciousness. And yes, this was all planned to break down society so it would be easy to manipulate and take over on all levels. It’s not easy to take over a strong society.

It seems that they have stepped up the speed of their program. Every day there is some huge scandal being exposed, and no one goes to jail, no one loses their political office (unless the controllers want to get rid of them). Every system is collapsing to the point that they can come in and create their drastic changes to implement their one world order. And because society has become so weak, they are expecting very little opposition. They will give us their “solution” to fix the very problems that they themselves created. Yes, a very diabolical scheme.

And yet they are playing right into our hands. They are actually working for us (don’t tell them that, they would think you are crazy). But think about it from a different perspective. If society didn’t change much from the 1950s, the economy was strong, everyone went to church on Sunday, we had job security and safe retirement, the school systems were working, graduating smart people, the family units were strong, then people would be quite happy in their rosy little illusions. Not many people would be very interested in waking up, to wanting to know the Truth, investigating the corruptions, or even yoga, meditation or environmentalism.


If you are having a wonderful dream, you really don’t want to wake up. Now if you were having a nightmare, then you really Do want to wake up. Well, we are living in a nightmare, and many people are beginning to wake up. How many of us would have wanted to wake up if our lives were smooth and happy? It takes a certain amount of suffering to want to wake up. When you see the world around you in chaos, intelligent people will want to investigate this. They will search for solutions. It gives them the impetus to awaken. And so the Powers That Be are unwittingly setting up the show for us. They obviously have a different agenda, and perhaps most people will fall for their agenda. But then there are the rest of us.

For any society to go through major changes, there must be a major breakdown or collapse of the society. The Controllers may have broken it down to change it into the new society they want. But there is no guarantee that people will buy their system. What if their whole plan was exposed on the six o’clock news? What if, after they completely collapse all of the systems, people wake up and decide they want a different society, based upon love and trust? Who knows what may happen. At least We are waking up, and we have made our choices.

So next time you see one of the major a**holes, thank them for screwing everything up for us. Job well done.

– Greg Calise