Universal Principles by Greg Calise


Our universe is made of light. This includes not only visible light, but the entire electromagnetic spectrum, which includes energy far beyond physical light in both directions. The graph below shows the various spectrums.


But beyond this graph exists light, or electromagnetic energies, which are even more subtle, which comprise the finer dimensions of the universe. Electromagnetic energy travels in waves through space. This can be seen in an oscilloscope as seen below.


So this is the basis of our universe. Rather than getting into the physics of light and other forms of electromagnetic radiations, I want to describe some universal principles that govern the movements of all energies within our universe. A universal principle is valid in all dimensions of the galaxy. They are a constant that is present from the highest dimension to the lowest. I used these principles to navigate in the higher dimensions. According to Thoth in his Emerald Tablets and later in his incarnation of Hermes, these principles are as follows:

1) The Principle of Mentalism. The Universe is a projection of the universal creator. It is manifest by the thought, or reflection, of the universal creator.

2) The Principle of Correspondence. As Above, So Below. Whatever we find in this earthly plane is reflected in the heavens. That is why I say that if there is corruption and deception here on Earth, we will find it in the higher dimensions as well.

3) The Principle of Rhythm. Everything moves in cycles. We live in a universe where we have cycles within cycles within cycles

4) The Principle of Vibration. All energy vibrates.

5) The Principle of Polarity. Everything is dual in nature. Everything has an opposite. This principle of duality is experienced everywhere in the universe.

6) The Principle of Causation. Everything has a cause and creates an effect. This principle is not bound in linear time. Therefor the cause may not always precede the effect.

7) The Principle of Gender. Everything has both a masculine and feminine aspect.


So the entire universal manifestation is generated simply by the thoughts of the universal creator, which manifests itself as the male/female Father and Mother of the universe. This was the first division, which was that of gender. This is further manifest as wisdom (male) and love (female). All energy vibrates out of the supreme universal creator, and moves in spirals through cycles of opposites. We experience that as day and night, birth and death, the seasons, pleasure and pain, hot and cold, etc.


What this sets up is spirals of energy moving within cycles, within cycles, within cycles ad infinitum. In my post, Here and Now, I wrote,

“One day I was sitting under a tree meditating on another tree across a small meadow. In that meditation the entire universe sprouted from the deepest part of my Being and manifest within my energy field. I had awakened to actually Being the universe, as it resided within me in its entirety. It first spread in the form of a torus. Within this structure I saw the movements of energies. Then I saw the major divisions; conscious, subconscious, male, female and the entire manifestation of yin yang. From there I awakened to the many layers of the torus, one over the other. I then awakened to the secondary and tertiary structures and the secondary and tertiary movements of energy, time and consciousness. It all manifest within me. I was that. It was me. I saw all of the various dimensions, octaves of the dimensions, the galaxies, stars, so much that my mind felt like it was melting.”

What I saw was that each level, which could be a dimension, an octave, a galaxy, a solar system, a planet, a person, a tree or even an atom, all had an energetic body of a torus. From the center of each torus emanated smaller toruses that spiraled around the torus in cycles. For example, our galaxy has 100 billion stars which spiral around the galaxy center. Each star has a solar system which has planets and moons spiraling around their sun. So we have spirals within spirals within spirals. Each time a body spirals, it goes through a cycle of opposites. As our Earth spirals around its axis, it creates day and night. As Earth spirals around the Sun, we experience the seasons.

Now there are certain principles that I want to discuss as we move through these cycles. Tomorrow I will present these principles in my post, The Great Compression. So this forms the basis for which we can delve further into this very interesting phenomena that is affecting us greatly at this time.

– Greg Calise