Aham Aham by Ramana Maharshi


For those whose attention is focused on the Self, only the name aham-aham [I-I], among the many known names of God, will constantly reverberate in the Heart firmament once the ego has been destroyed, and it will remain there, centre-stage, as the silent transcendental speech [mauna paravak] .

Even if you do nothing more than unceasingly think of that
first name ‘I-I’ with the attention focused on that ‘I’ sense, that
practice will take you to the source from where rises the illusory thought ‘I’, which is the embryo of the ego that connects you to the body.

WHO AM I: That which rises in the body as ‘I’ is the mind.
If one enquires ‘In which place in the body doesthe ‘I’-thought rise first?’, it will be known to be in the Heart. That is the birthplace of the mind. Even if one incessantly thinks ‘I-I’, it will lead to that place.’

– Ramana Maharshi