Ask Simple Questions by Greg Calise


Most people are completely asleep at the wheel. They cannot see the obvious which is right in front of their faces. The matrix has become so flimsy that it can be blown down with very simple questions. It’s not so complex that it takes a genius to figure it out. In fact, if someone is willing to wake up, it takes only a small amount of proper intelligence, logic and common sense. Which really makes me wonder how completely dumbed down and asleep most people are. Let’s look at a few examples:


On Sept. 11, 2001, 4 airliners were hijacked by Moslem “terrorists with box cutters” and remained in the air for hours while not one fighter jet was sent in the air to follow them (except the one that was apparently shot down, although no debris existed). Then two of them hit the towers, which caught on fire and both towers disintegrated into dust and fell straight down. How is that even possible? It’s not. It is absolutely impossible, just like it is impossible for Santa Clause to fit down a chimney.

Building Seven was announced that it fell 20 minutes before it actually did. The building could be seen in the background while the announcer is making her obvious mistake. Then the building came down exactly as a building that is being demolished with explosives. How did That happen? It wasn’t even hit by an airplane. It was 49 stories tall.

The Pentagon was hit by another “highjacked airliner.” Again, not one fighter jet was sent in the air over a very strict no fly zone over the capital. The hole the “airliner” made was way too small for an airliner. What happened to the wings? And it just happened to hit the accounting office a day after Rumsfeld admitted that $2.3 Trillion was missing from the Pentagon budget. That is about 3 years worth of the Pentagon’s yearly budget. How exactly can anyone with half of a brain not figure out that something stinks about this?


Yet notice the response if you ask these simple questions to the average person. Watch their facial expression as their poor little brains go into tilt mode. Within seconds they become really angry and start screaming that you are just a crazy conspiracy nutcase. Too bad they can’t answer the simple questions. This is a programmed response. Yes, they are completely programmed.

Look at every major news event and you will see obvious holes, big holes, in the official dialogue. When Osama Bin Ladin was killed, why did they dump the body in the ocean, and then say that it was a traditional Moslem burial? Ask any Moslem if that is true. And the President and his henchmen were looking at blank screens of this at the White House. Too bad the CIA had already had proof of Bin Ladin’s death ten years earlier.


How about President Obama’s forged birth certificate? It was such a low class forgery that you have to wonder if our intelligence agencies could be so inept.

The Boston Bombing, The Sikh Temple shooting, The Sandy Hook School shooting and so many other staged events have such huge gaping holes that an elephant could walk through them. right into the living room where nobody notices it. You have to admit, that all of these deceptions would collapse with simple questions that a ten year old could ask. Yet the average person walks around in a programmed daze, unwilling to see what is right in front of his face. Sometimes I feel like I am in some sort of Fellini movie, or perhaps an episode of the Twilight Zone.


Try to point out chemtrails to some people, and many tell you they don’t see Anything. Or you get a response that they are contrails. So why weren’t they there when you were a kid? They had airplanes then. And when did the air traffic patterns criss cross the sky like a tic tac toe board? Where are those airplanes going?

There are hundreds of more examples of this. Their house of cards has no foundation, and you can blow it down in an instant. And yet, even when you blow it down, people will swear that it is still standing. We have a serious problem here. We are no longer dealing with sane individuals. There is a major disconnection.

And the same thing becomes apparent in spiritual matters as well. There are so many deceptions that pass as spirituality, and they can be exposed with simple questions. I have personally known a guru that shot up Telegraph Ave. in Berkley with a machine gun from his Porsche, and others who were involved in murders, drug dealing, child molestation, sexual orgies, pimping prostitutes, racketeering, blackmail, fraud and so many other abominable actions, and yet so many of their disciples still worshiped them. What’s up with that? Anyone outside of the influence of that paradigm can notice immediately that something is very seriously wrong. Yet those that are under the influence of the programming can’t see anything wrong.

A friend of mine just sent me a blog from a very popular new age teacher, and the entire blog was about self aggrandizement, how he is so incredibly wonderful, how he is so advanced and talented and doing a movie and just finished an “epic book” and yadayadayada. And his followers are swooning over him.


United Nations Agenda 21 is pushing for a One World Religion. So one of their major spokesman is preaching about how all the religions need to come together in fluffy love. So wait a minute. Religion is the cause of hundreds of millions of murders, torture, rape, etc., and somehow they are all going to come together to create peace? How exactly is that supposed to happen?

The same Agenda 21 is pushing for the utopian global village. So someone please tell me, how can there be a utopian global village made up of unconscious, internally divided, disconnected selfish people? How exactly could that possibly work? It simply is impossible.


The programming has become so thick, that if the evening news reported that they found Santa Claus at the North Pole with his elves making toys, people would believe it. Sometimes I wonder who, or what, I’m talking to. The matrix has become a sieve, with holes rupturing in its fabric. The escape routes are visible for those with the eyes to see. The matrix is simply a house of cards, yet most people can’t see it. They have become so programmed that they cannot see the fact that there are holes in the fabric. They believe that their houses of cards are built of steel. Even when you blow them down, few can see. Most people believe that they are still standing. This is delusional.

Yet many are finding the holes. They are beginning to slip out of the programming. That is why the hidden hand, the powers that be, are pushing their agenda harder and harder, faster and faster. They are turning up the programs to new and absurd levels. But because they are having to move swiftly, they are getting sloppy. That is why their false flags are so obvious. They are moving outside of their long term plans, and that is to our advantage. They are now on shaky ground. Their house of cards is getting very unstable.

So simply ask the simple questions. That should fry their programs.

– Greg Calise

James Corbett lays it out plain and simple in his eloquent style: