The Paradox of Power by Greg Calise


Most people strive to achieve power, but for what means? It seems people want power over people to control them, and power over events to control them. But this is in complete misalignment with Mother Nature and our own Being. We want to control Mother Nature, and look what we have done – we have destroyed our own environment. This is like sawing off a branch that you are sitting on. We want power over people to subjugate them. This is even prevalent within family dynamics. We want power over events because we want everything to go our way.

All of this stems from selfishness without consideration of other people or Mother Nature. We tell someone that we love them, yet we want to control them. What they are feeling is the farthest thing from love. It is pure selfishness. Such an attitude creates conflict, internally as well as externally.


To achieve that kind of power, much expenditure is needed, and the results are always misery in the end. There is no escaping from this. This is the nature of such power.

The desire for power to control others is in direct violation of a person’s sovereignty. Each person is sovereign by nature. He has the right and the power to govern himself. But everyone is equal. No one is above or below another. There are no masters and slaves in our true nature. That goes for gods and gurus as well – no one has the right to claim himself as the master of another. To exert power over another violates that person’s sovereignty.

But an amazing thing happens to a person who lets it all go, who surrenders to what is. When a person has no desire for power, or to control other people or events, power is given. When one overcomes anger, fear and the desire for control, then power builds within that person. Yet he does not wield it over others. Such a paradox.


When one surrenders to the Self within, one simply becomes an instrument of Divinity. Divinity works through such a person. When that person acts, it is Divinity acting through him. When he breathes, Divinity breathes through him. The ego has died – the little me, the person, the false sense of self is no longer there. When power acts through such a vessel, it is the direct power of Divinity.

Only Divinity has the absolute right to curb a person’s sovereignty. When a person becomes evil and exerts his power upon others in the form of conflict or violence, Divinity has the right to step in. Why? Because such a person is violating the sovereign rights of others. When one violates another’s sovereignty, he loses the right to his own sovereignty. When one proclaims himself as a master, he becomes a slave to another. When you violate another’s sovereignty, you lose your own.

So yes, power is a paradox. Only when you stop desiring it, will true power be given. So it’s best to let it go.

– Greg Calise