Waking Up In the Dream, and Continuing In the Dream by Greg Calise


A friend of mine asked me a really good question. It’s especially a good question, as this girl is very awake. She asked me, “Why is it that when we wake up from a dream, we leave our dream body, but when we wake up in the real world, we keep our physical body? Are we not really truly awake?”

She mentioned the answer in her letter by stating that many times she wakes up in a dream, but she continues in the dream.

It’s pretty much like that. You wake up in the dream of your waking reality/consciousness, but you keep your physical body and live and act in the physical world. You are awake in the dream of relative mundane reality.


I remember a few years ago I had a very lucid dream. In that dream I got some very shocking news. As the news was spinning around in my mind, I became very disturbed. I really thought I was awake experiencing this. I went to the window and opened the blinds. I was inundated by a very bright light that woke me up. I was so relieved that it was only a dream. I went out to the living room and sat on the couch with a girl friend, thinking about how strange the dream was that I had just awakened from. She then told me some terrible news, and I became very disturbed. Again I went to the window to open the blinds, and again I was inundated by a bright light that woke me from…. yes, another dream. I had awakened from a dream into another dream, and then woke up from that dream. So now I’m quite perplexed, thinking, what the hell was that all about? How strange, to wake up from a dream into another dream, and how each of them were so vivid. And then again, something happened to disturb me, and again, I went to the window, and when I opened it, I was again flooded by a bright light and woke up again, for the third time. This time I was actually awake, and I sat up in bed.


So I kept waking up from a dream, becoming awake, yet still in another dream. Awakening is like waking up in the dream, but you still are in the dream. But as in the dream, when you become aware that you are dreaming, your waking consciousness enters the dream. Likewise, when you wake up in the mundane waking world, your higher/inner Self enters the reality. You see through the eyes of the true Self. Therefor, you do not perceive the same world that others perceive. It is very different. It’s still the dream, but you are aware. When Neo and Morpheus enter into the matrix, they enter with their consciousness that is free from the matrix. They are not the same as those that are still immersed in the matrix. In their eyes, Neo and Morpheus are just like them. They even act like them. But they are not the same.


When you become awake, you still function and live in the world of men, but from your perspective, it is very different. You follow a different path, you even feel different. This takes getting used to. As Leonardo da Vinci said. “I awoke, only to find the rest of the world still sleeping.” You feel different than other people. For a while. you have to learn to become comfortable being alone, a man without a country, living in a world where people cannot understand the real you or what you perceive and experience. It is not easy to connect deeply with people, because they lack the depth of consciousness. Eventually, you become comfortable with this, and you learn to connect with people in a different manner. The depth of intimate connection is not on the superficial level. They may be asleep in superficiality, but you connect with them at the soul level. They are usually unaware of this, the fact that your connection with them is deeper than their superficial consciousness. To them, you are just another superficial, mundane person.


Another realization I had from waking up from multiple dreams, is that we can have many awakenings, always going deeper that the awakening before. Do we ever fully awaken? I don’t know, as we are infinite, so perhaps it never ends.

– Greg Calise