Enter the Cat by Greg Calise


Yes, I got a cat. I had to fill out innumerable forms, vet certificates, photos, etc. to have a cat in my apartment. My god, you’d think the poor cat was a criminal or something. But I did it, and I got her on Sept. 11, to help break the spell of the satanic deceit upon humanity. So I am now officially living with a wild animal. You see, I didn’t just get a normal cat (I’m not normal either). I got a Bengal, which is a cross between an Egyptian Mau and a wild Asian Leopard Cat. So she does have that wild look in her eyes. They are big and very intense. Her fur is like silk.

She’s 4 years old, has had 3 litters, so she is a mama cat. She is settling in well. At first she would play hide and seek, mostly hide. She likes to be petted, and that started from day one. In fact, I just have to look at her and she starts purring.


So now I am living with a Zen Master. Except this Zen master likes to sleep all day. Her favorite place is her cat carrier. Luckily I got the big one. If she’s teaching me about sleeping, I’m way ahead of her on this one. I have no guilt about sleeping anytime, anywhere. Yes, I’m totally uninhibited when it comes to sleeping. I wish I could get more than just 7 or 8 hours a day, but I’m not a cat.


She does like to come out, jump on the bed, roll around and let me pet her. And she purrs when I pet her while snoozing/relaxing/meditating. Then, occasionally, she decides to play wild animal and race around the house like it was a race course. She’s really fast, and she can jump. I’m amazed she hasn’t knocked anything over. Agile is her middle name. After her wild exhibition, she crawls back into her carrier and sleeps again.

Oh, and her official name on her registration certificate is Celebration. But I call her Kitty, as in ‘here kitty, kitty.’ Yes, she is an officially registered wild animal.


Of course, being a nocturnal tree dweller, she wakes up after I go to sleep and races around the house. Her favorite toy is a wadded up piece of paper, which she chases around, then prances around with it in her mouth as if it was a dead mouse. She also likes dragging around paper bags at night to wake me up. Oh, and never, ever give a wild animal catnip. She has been coming out more often in the last few days, so I guess she is becoming more at home.


So this is my new room mate. Great Zen Master who has come into my life to teach me. The first thing she taught me was about expectation. She was supposed to be a cat that loved to follow you around and be in your face, but apparently that isn’t happening yet

But she is still just settling in. I’m sure she has many more lessons to teach me. She’s happy and I’m happy. Enter the Cat.

– Greg Calise