Avoidance and Awareness by Dylan Charles


“Avoidance is a coping technique, a psychological device for escaping stressors. It involves adopting behaviors that aim at masking and protecting one’s self from psychological or emotional damage. It is a defense mechanism which leads to annihilation because it requires submission to cognitive dissonance and self-delusion. …….. Avoidance means accepting an illusion in place of the real thing, and the disappearance of meaning and truth.

Awareness is the condition of alertness, of being aware, of having knowledge or of being conscious. It requires attention and involvement, and a willingness to pursue connections between ideas and events. It is an example of personal responsibility and a cultivated skill that reflects self-control and care.

Choosing the path of awareness most often appears as the more difficult path to choose, and in some ways it is. It absolutely reveals our flaws, weaknesses and deficiencies, requiring tremendous spirit and resilience of us. In return we reclaim our power and develop the fortitude needed to approach the hefty challenges we all face together.”

– Dylan Charles