The Power of Programs by Greg Calise


We have all been programmed since birth. Our parents, siblings, relatives, media and events program us as little children. Then we are sent off to school where the state does a great job programming us all to conform to society. And of course I can’t forget how religion programs us with the fear of eternal damnation if we don’t please a passive aggressive psychopathic god. We are like sponges that absorb all of this rubbish. Then we live our lives completely messed up, full of mental, emotional and physical disorders. These are some of the effects of the innumerable false programs that we have absorbed throughout our lives.

Then, if one decides to understand the truth, he must unlearn everything that he has learned throughout his life. True spiritual life is about the shedding away of false beliefs. That is quite a job, a job that most people have no interest in. But there are more than a few of us now days that have taken up this job without pay or benefits. In fact, this job could make you lose everything – and that’s not a bad thing.


It is quite a shock when someone comes to the deep understanding that practically everything in his life was a lie. That’s a big red pill to swallow. Most people run from such an epiphany. Face it, we have also been programmed to become attached to many things, and we have been placed into forgetfulness that none of these things are us. We have a tendency to equate our possessions as parts of us. Someone steals your car, or your house burns down, or your spouse leaves you, and you become traumatized. It can feel emotionally like losing a limb.

But it seems that we cling most tightly to our beliefs. Many people believe that they Are their beliefs; that without them, they are nothing. A fundamentalist religious follower is a prime example of how tightly we can cling to false beliefs, programs that we have bought. You can torture a person, and he will not give up his religious beliefs. I notice this daily, as I live around a lot of religious followers. They cling to their religious beliefs as their very life.


We are very attached to so many lies, and many people just refuse to give them up, no matter what new information they hear that completely destroys their false belief. Even though their false belief is exposed as a lie, they refuse to let go. Obviously this creates cognitive dissonance. One somehow has to justify holding on to the false belief, so he refuses to accept what is standing right in front of his face. He ignores the truth and can even become quite angry if someone presents him the truth.

Sept. 11, 2001 is a very good example of this. Many call this the litmus test. Somehow 19 hijackers plunged airliners into the Twin Towers and the budget office of the Pentagon. They just seemed to have evaded the most protected airspace in the world. Then the towers just disintegrated into dust, a feat that is impossible by any standards of physics. And the “airliner” that struck the Pentagon didn’t even have wings – astonishing! Then there was Building Seven that just seemed to implode into itself for no real reason. Abracadabra. The mountains of evidence that refute the official story (fairy tale) and prove that it was an inside job, completely exposes the lie. Yet most people refuse to even consider the facts. They programmed everyone to believe it so well, that the lie has become as tightly held as Mom, apple pie and Jesus.

If you have ever tried to wake someone up to their false beliefs, you had better be ready for a fight, because they will not let go of their fantasies very easily. Sometimes you’d swear that they react as if you are trying to destroy them. In a sense, you are. They identify themselves so much with their beliefs, that they cannot see the distinction between their selves and their beliefs. Now if you can unravel such a large program as 9-11, you find that it is connected to a whole lot more false beliefs. All of a sudden many questions arise concerning the government, the military, the banks, the media, the justice department and on and on and on. The whole picture gets unravelled, and that is just too shocking for most people to look at. So they will not even consider going there. It’s just too uncomfortable.

This clinging tightly to false programming is prevalent in almost everyone’s life. They cannot understand or see that they can be anything else except their beliefs, so they will cling to them for dear life. Yes, this is insanity, to cling to something that causes great suffering and so many mental, emotional and physical disorders. Yet it is all we know. It is our comfort zone, and not many are willing to leave that comfort zone and venture forth into the unknown.


For those that are searching for truth, it becomes vital to dismantle all of these false beliefs and programming. It is the shedding away of the coverings that that blind us. This is like the snake that sheds its skin.

There are so many programs that we cling to as if they were our very selves. Religion in any of its forms is the most deep seated of these. It is a box with seemingly impenetrable walls, where we allow very little in, and we dare not venture beyond the walls. Religion places great fear and guilt to venture beyond its walls. Most people are scared to death to ever question their religion or religious leaders, as eternal damnation awaits such souls. Hence, the fortified box of religion becomes a prison of the soul, where one is bound in false beliefs, which act as chains.


Then we have the new age paradigm, where people have bought new boxes to close themselves up in. This is like a box of assorted chocolates where we can pick and choose. But there is only chocolate covered lies and deceptions of different flavors. And see how tightly so many of them have boxed themselves into such beliefs, unwilling to investigate further.

Beyond the religious hoaxes, we are programmed to believe so many others. We have the vaccine hoax, the GMO hoax, the education hoax, the media hoax, the government hoax and hundreds more. Most of what we have been fed in every field is just simply not true. Yet we use all of these beliefs to create our perception of the world around us. We perceive the world through the eyes of all of these false programs, so it becomes obvious then that the world that we perceive is not true. They are illusions that we have mistaken for reality.


A good example of how we can cling to these programs is the global warming hoax. Al Gore and his crew did a great job of propaganda to convince everyone of that program. Even though over 30,000 real scientists, including Nobel laureates, signed a petition refuting the global warming science. There are mountains of evidence that reveal that CO2 has nothing to do with global warming, and it has been published in peer reviewed journals for many years. Yet people have somehow convinced themselves that they feel more comfortable with Al Gore’s crusade – never mind that it is catastrophic. Seems rather strange why people prefer catastrophes, but then, isn’t that why they drive slowly by and gawk at bloody car accidents?

So even though there are mountains of evidence refuting global warming, it is considered politically incorrect to speak against it. That should tell you everything right there. There are many websites and businesses making profits and pushing global warming, even though it is a fraud. Go figure; people can be very naive.

I suggest, if you still believe in global warming, to do some research. Here are two articles that shed substantial light on the picture:

Now consider how many other things that you believe to be factual. Are they? And I am not only referring to spiritual topics, but also in the fields of science, history, medicine and diet, sociology, politics, finance and just about every topic imaginable. We are one programmed mess; welcome to the matrix.


These false beliefs form our perspective of life. We view our world through these programs, so we aren’t actually viewing reality, but a facsimile made of illusions. Talk to a religious fanatic and you will wonder what kind of skewed world he lives in. These false beliefs then become the anchor and support of the individual. Instead of being supported by one’s Self, one uses the crutches and handrails of false beliefs to steady himself upon shaky ground. A person considers his beliefs as his very self, and even as his very foundation. Any new information must be filtered by these false beliefs, so they also act as gatekeepers, not allowing anything to stick around that is in opposition to one’s beliefs.

So there is great fear in giving up false notions. It makes one feel shaky, as if his foundation is weakening. Many people are afraid of change, and when one’s belief system changes, it can create a lot of fear and anxiety. Change means one has to change his habits and patterns. We become very addicted to habits and patterns, holding them as tight, if not tighter, than false beliefs.

But there is an even greater fear of repercussions from letting go of false beliefs. How will your spouse, friends and family react to you when you begin voicing new opinions? What about your church congregation when they find out that you no longer believe the lies? Then we have our coworkers, bosses, clients and everyone in our working world? On top of that, there is the backlash from society, academia and governments.


No, it’s not an easy thing to break free from this matrix. They have created walls everywhere and have programmed everyone to police others to keep them to conform to the status quo. It takes great courage, discernment and strength to break free. One must be willing to lose everything, and sometimes they will. Family, friends, locales, jobs and just about everything in your life can vanish along with your relinquishing your false beliefs. Your entire foundation of life changes. You begin seeing a very different world than the one you were programmed to perceive.

The wonderful thing is that you will be living in truth, and that changes everything. As your life begins emptying of all of the deceptions, those around you that perpetuate the deceptions start disappearing from your life. In their place new people and situations will have room to enter. This is true manifestation.

It is more than a little shocking to realize how extensively we have all been programmed throughout our lives. Yes, it takes courage to face this, as it is embedded so deeply into the human psyche. and because we identify so completely with all of these false beliefs. Yet if one wants to free himself from the matrix of deception, I know of no other recourse than to roll up one’s sleeves and clean up all of the garbage that we have accumulated throughout our lives. The result is phenomenal.

– Greg Calise