Trust In the Unfoldment by Shannon Port


There comes a time in our spiritual journey when we are asked to let go of everything we think we are; everything we think we are good at; and everything we think we know about ourself. This time requires our complete Surrender. Often times the circumstances involved give us little choice but to let go. It may feel like we are losing everything ~ but on the other side of this dark tunnel is a more realized version of our Self. The things we cling to are sacrificed for something greater than we could have ever imagined. The Universe has a funny way of shaking things up and teaching us to Trust in the unfoldment of our Divine Self. We see that the most realized beings on Earth have been simple and joyful and ready to accept the moment without fail, knowing that Acceptance and Faith are the keys that unlock the door to the Limitless Love and Power of the Soul.

~Shannon Port