How Did We Get Here? by Greg Calise


Yes, how Did we get here……. and why? And where the hell are we going? I guess we should start from the beginning…………… Oh wait, there is no beginning. We are eternal. We have always existed. And we exist beyond this universe. So where do you want me to begin? I don’t know what it is like beyond this universe, other than following certain patterns. But an aspect of our totality travels to various universes to learn all about them. I don’t know why we do this. I assume, as we are Self fulfilled, we do it simply for sport, for something to do. Like we would go on an adventure perhaps.

At one point we decided to check out this universe, as it looked especially beautiful. We definitely wanted to know what This was all about. So we entered into it as a guest. Our soul, or I Am presence, first enters into the universal nursery, where he adjusts to the energy of this universe. It is here where we merge with the God aspect of the universe and carry it within us on our sojourn through this universe.


We gradually move down through the various dimensions, learning all about them. Eventually we reach the cosmic shore. This is where we hesitate. Up until then, it was a beautiful ride. Looking into the cosmic ocean, we see something that we didn’t bargain for. Each consecutive dimension is more compressed than the one above it. But when we reach the cosmic shore, we see that the compression is magnified the further it goes down. In the cosmic realm, the dualities are prominent, so there is conflict, and there is evil. And we have to know all about it, which means we have to experience conflict and evil; from both sides.

I suppose we all made our plans to navigate through all of this, we mustered up the courage, and we made the plunge. Not all of our total Self entered into the cosmos. We send an aspect of our Self into the cosmos, as if you put your arm in water to explore it. Notice that your arm has other appendages, such as your forearm, hand and fingers. So, as you will see, parts of us stay in one place and we send out an aspect to go further down. This, as well as the cosmos, uses the principles of fractals. When we enter the cosmos, first we fragment, and then we begin compressing. As I wrote in The Great Compression:

“The cosmic realm is made of seven dimensions, which coincide with our seven chakras. In the higher realms our energy center is one. There is no division, and therefor no conflict. When we enter the cosmic realm, we fragment into seven energy centers. This is just like when you direct white light into a prism, it fragments into seven major colors. So this begins our road to compression, and it’s not easy. First we fragment, and then we begin compression.

Our first personal incarnation/manifestation in the cosmos is as a galaxy. Each of us is a galaxy somewhere out there in space. Each galaxy has a unique energy pattern, just like us as individuals have unique energy patterns and personalities. A galaxy is very large, and is like a miniature universe in itself. Each is a fractal of the universe with its own unique and individual energy pattern. And like here on earth, some galaxies we like and get along with, and others we do not.”


Conflict begins immediately upon entering the cosmos, but it is not very prominent in the beginning. Our environment in our manifestation of a galaxy is extremely expansive, as are we, so conflict arises from not being compatible with other galaxies’ energy patterns. So we simply avoid them. But eventually we travel further down into the cosmos, going through the various dimensions, until we come to the physical earth plane, which is the densest dimension. Each consecutive dimension is denser than the dimension above it. So when we get to the physical dimension, it is very dense, so it takes a lot of energy to accomplish something. We must physically work and exert much energy.

From our manifestation of a galaxy, we begin the compression process. As I wrote in The Great Compression:

“As a galaxy, we then compressed ourselves into a star in the Milky Way Galaxy. So, as a star, we are a fractal of ourselves as a galaxy. All of the energetic patterns are compressed into a star. You still are that star, just as there is an aspect of yourself still residing in the core of this galaxy. So when you look up to the heavens at night, one of those stars shining on you is you. Likewise, you are still a galaxy up there in space. Who you are now on Earth is but an aspect, or fractal, of your total cosmic Being.”

From there we become planets and various other forms, until we finally become humanoids. The further down we go, the more compressed the energy is, and conflict and evil becomes more dominant. This is the difficult part. We must experience the various manifestations of conflict and evil. Eventually we learn what it is and the effects of it.


Which brings us to where we are, here and now. We find ourselves in a labyrinth, without any idea about what it is. Most people never wake up to the fact that it is a labyrinth, and there Is a way out of it. We enter this world without a map or instruction manual. We are immediately programmed to conform to the culture and religion that we are given. Along the way we learn things through education, media, society and experience. We are confronted constantly by false teachers leading us astray. Most everything that happens to us since birth is to keep us in the labyrinth, and therefor steers us away from finding the way out.

Because the world that has been created by misguided minds is a hierarchal system, it is filled with conflict and evil. We are in a very compressed environment. So we spend our lives in conflict and evil. We are controlled, and we want to control others, so we find conflict in our lives.


Sometimes, a fortunate soul may eventually find his way to free himself from this labyrinth. After exhausting many avenues, all leading to external goals masquerading as spirituality, he finds the true path. He realizes that the only way out of this labyrinth is the pathway into the heart. Such a person will see how conflict and evil work and exist here, and he learns to avoid it. He stops creating it in his own life, and he resists it in the external world. But to do this, one must also heal the evil which exists within himself. In my post, The Shadowlands, I explained this process in detail.

So this is the pathway. Before we entered the cosmos, we had a plan to navigate through the cosmos, and out the other side. Once out the other side, we are free, and with that freedom, we will have known everything about this beautiful universe. That then becomes incorporated within our total Being.


We planned our entire journey down here. Every incarnation, every relationship, every word and action, every experience was planned for us to move through this compression. It would eventually come to where we are now. We are in the densest dimension, the most dense part of at least two major galactic cycles, trapped within a cosmic matrix, and again trapped within the earthly matrix, at the very end of the iron age, at a point in history where the entire world is unravelling, the total destruction of our environment, and completely under the grips of evil. We are in the depths of compression.

Now we are beginning to move through it all and beginning to decompress. The fact that you are reading this means that you are already becoming free of the compression. This is the eye of the needle, the space of decompression. The deeper you go into your inner Self, the more free you become of the compression, the matrix and false beliefs. We are preparing our consciousness to pass through the eye of the needle completely, at which point, we will begin the cycle of expansion; or perhaps to become free from this universe, to be reabsorbed by our total Self. It’s going to be an interesting ride. There’s a lot more to this, but this is the ‘short’ version. Perhaps we’ll revisit this in a future post (or two).

– Greg Calise