Keeping Each Other In Line by Greg Calise

Police in riot gear assemble near protestors outside the Republican National Convention in Tampa

I’m quite astonished at the evil intelligence that created the social structures through the ages. They have created structures that are very efficient, where they can milk us as much as possible with very little effort on their part. It’s just like factory farms, where the animals are terribly abused for profit. As above, so below. Consider how society works.

We are born into nescience, and we learn all about the world from those around us. But they were also born into nescience, and learned from those before them. And this goes way back. Everyone learns about the world from those before them, so everyone is trained from the beginning to conform to the status quo that is prevalent. We learn the rules of society, and we are expected to follow them. There are certain rewards for following the rules, and there are certain punishments for not following the rules. So immediately we learn that society, religion and therefor life, is based upon reward and punishment.


The strange thing is this: All societies and religions are ultimately created by the controllers, through their minions. They are set up so it is easy for the controllers to feed off of their herd, so they set up a situation where we police ourselves. We keep each other in line. We make sure that everyone is following the status quo. We are the prison guards And the prisoners.

There are a few ingenious techniques that they use to accomplish this. The first one is reward and punishment. We reward and punish each other. Everyone wants to win the reward and avoid the punishment. Welcome to the game. This is a major motivating principle in life. A hierarchal system is established, where everyone is striving and competing to make it further up the hierarchal pyramid, because there are rewards for achieving positions on the pyramid. Every organization is based upon this hierarchal principle. This then creates the master/slave relationship. Moving up the pyramid places you above those below you. People grovel and fight to get to the top.


Another technique that they use, that stems from this system, is competition. Everyone is competing with everyone else to get ahead, to be above the others; king of the hill. We see this in business, politics, government, sports, religious organizations, schools, the workforce, in love and amongst friends. Everywhere you look, everyone is competing. Everyone is trying to get ahead of the other persons. Whenever you do find cooperation, it is usually between one group or team against other groups or teams they are competing with.

Distraction is another major technique as well. Every government knows how to distract the people. “Look over there.” That is why the Romans built the coliseum and had their spectacles. Since the invention of printed books, the newspaper, radio, movie theaters, television, and now the internet, we can be so easily distracted and misinformed through propaganda. We have entertainment in the forms of movies, TV, sports, fun parks, magazines, fashion, beer, sex, food, drugs, you name it. Distractions are the big reward. And within those distractions are plenty of propaganda to keep you in line. Conform to what you see on television.


We are forced to conform to this paradigm, this diabolical game, whether we agree with it or not. Those are the rules. We are told how to act, what to say and what to think. There are certain acceptable limits that are tolerated. And it’s not just prison, or losing your job, or your money or so many other things that you can be punished with, but also social rejection.

We are social creatures by our nature. The problems arise from the fact that everyone is living inauthentic lives. Everyone is fragmented, traumatized, full of erroneous beliefs and incapable of holding themselves up, as they are forever codependent upon others. Everyone leans on others for support. This is the populace. They make the rules and they enforce them……. and they are bound by them.

We are expected to play this diabolical game of society, where everyone has his personal agendas, using and cheating other people, competing with everyone else; where everyone is fragmented, codependent, psychologically unstable and not trustworthy; where everyone is forced to become a slave in a brutal hierarchal system. The punishment for not playing along with this evil game is social rejection.


Your family and friends will become upset with you. Your parents will constantly remind you that they are not pleased, and that You are a problem. Coworkers, school friends, bosses, wives, just about everyone will shun you. No one wants to be around you, either because they are afraid of you, or they have nothing in common with you any more. They will comment that you have gone over the deep end, something must have snapped, that you have changed; you no longer want to play the game. You can become ostracized, marginalized, slandered and thrown away. People will speak badly of you. This is a programmed fear that most people are not ready to face.

We want to be liked; we have a need to be liked, even loved. We go through life seeking approval from others. We become people pleasers. We do this because we are weak and fragmented. We need the support of others, so we please them. Along with this comes the importance of what people say and think about us. It’s all about keeping up the facades. People’s thoughts and opinions of us becomes very important. Everyone is afraid of being exposed for who they really are behind their masks.


As long as you are concerned about how people think of you, or speak of you, or if they approve of you or like you, then you are allowing them to control you. Your fear of their disapproval, or your reputation, keeps you in line. Look and see how many people control you through this fear of disapproval.

This is the great game. We are in the middle of it, and somehow we need to extricate ourselves from it for our own sanity. This is our journey.

May I offer a suggestion? I have found that I can extricate myself from this diabolical game and glide through life easily enough, simply by living incognito. I dress normal, my hair is cut, clean shaven; I would never stand out in a crowd as being a nonconformist. I converse with people on their level, and I rarely bring up disturbing truths. I’m not very social, but people don’t notice. I live a very simple life, and I follow the laws, pay taxes, etc. No one has to know who you truly are, or what you know to be truth. Your words and actions speak for themselves. With this way of living, you will encounter far fewer problems, and problems are one thing that is good to avoid in this volatile time.

– Greg Calise