Something Magical by Greg Calise


There’s something magical about the sound of running water, especially a mountain stream or waterfall. It has an amazing ability to cleanse our minds and emotions. Go sit by yourself next to a mountain stream, and just listen to the water flowing over the rocks. If you are full of disturbing thoughts and emotions, you may find yourself wanting to leave after a few minutes. Why is that? Well, the sound of the water begins cleansing them out. It’s as if you are really attached to holding on to those disturbing thoughts and emotions, and the sound of the water won’t let you hold onto them. They get washed away. Surrender to the process; let go and let the water work her magic.


Make yourself comfortable. You might want to bring along a camping chair, a light lunch, and just relax. After a few minutes, the fidgetiness will disappear, and you will begin feeling relaxed and peaceful. Just keep listening to the sound of the stream, the water rolling over the rocks. Let the sound wash away any thoughts.

Heck, hang out there for an hour or more. You’ll also be absorbing lots of negative ions from the stream. When you finally decide to peal yourself out of your chair, notice how clear, relaxed, invigorated and light you feel. It really Is magical.


“The color of the mountains is Buddha’s body; the sound of running water is his great speech.”
– Dogen

“The rivers flow not past, but through us. Thrilling, tingling, vibrating every fiber and cell of the substance of our bodies, making them glide and sing.”
– John Muir

“Bring awareness to the many subtle sounds of nature – the rustling of leaves in the wind, raindrops falling, the humming of an insect, the first birdsong at dawn. Give yourself completely to the act of listening. Beyond the sounds there is something greater: a sacredness that cannot be understood through thought.”
– Eckhart Tolle

“You will always find an answer in the sound of water.”
~ Chuang-Tzu

Mountain streams are rejuvenating. Let the stream run through you, feel it tingling the cells of your body, washing away the unwanted thoughts and emotions. Allow yourself to go deep into the communion. Become one with the water.

– Greg Calise



John Muir at Yosemite