Sometimes I Wonder by Greg Calise


Sometimes I wonder what this beautiful world could be like. Mother Nature still offers us her beauty in so many places. Although we are destroying her at such a rapid rate. Everywhere you look, every day, there is some atrocity where we are destroying her. And yet she still gives us such an abundance of food, water, air and the most beautiful scenery imaginable. That is real unconditional love. But if the destruction continues, we may no longer have any food, water or air, and the scenery could turn very ugly. It already is in so many places.

Mankind was never ready for technology. No, they were too immature for technology. Instead of using it for good, they used it for destruction. What beauty and goodness there was, they have destroyed it very quickly. So I can only wonder what this world could have been like. At least for now.


I imagine people living in harmony with Mother Nature, the plants and animals and each other. I imagine people acting out of love, caring and consideration. A people with virtues and morality. Honesty would prevail, and there would be no facades or masks. People would be real and their would be no lies or deceit. We would live in houses like in the Shire. We would live in truth, awareness and Presence, and Mother Nature would be happy and pleased with us, showering us with the abundance we needed. These are my imaginings. 101

But even as a small child, I saw this was not the case. I felt so alien, so lost, in a world of selfishness and conflict. A world going in the wrong direction. Why couldn’t the adults see it? No, such a wonderful place could never exist, as long as people held on to their lies, deceit, selfishness and corruption. No, such a place could never exist with the people of today. It would be a dystopia of hellish proportions. Just look around, and you see it everywhere. Even the houses and cities are ugly blights on the landscape. And all one has to do is drive by heavy industrial areas to see the horrendous ugliness of this civilization.

So what was I imagining? A bygone past from long ago? Perhaps a distant future? We have all come from such a beautiful place so long ago. So long ago, that I have only distant memories, which manifest in my imagination. Such a time is lost, before history.

Walking Through The Shire 850 n 72

So if that is where we came from so long ago, why are we here now, in the midst of chaos and evil? Why would we come here? That is echoed in everyone’s mind, at least sometimes in their lives. “Why am I here?” we ask. Or more like, “What the hell am I doing here!!??” “What is my purpose for being here now?” Of course so many people may ask this, but do they really get the right answer? They may decide that their purpose for being here is to become a doctor, a musician, an engineer, or artist. But those all pertain to one’s occupation. Is that the only purpose of our existence here? Did you come here only to become a doctor? Of course, if you can discover the occupation that gives you satisfaction, especially if it is helping others, is a wonderful thing. You feel aligned, and you believe that you are fulfilling your purpose. But why did you choose this time and this place? You could do those occupations in far more peaceful times.

Perhaps there is a deeper purpose for our being here now. And just perhaps, we have all forgotten it. For some reason or other, we chose to be here in this present state of global upheaval, a time when evil is devouring the earth. Do you really believe that your sole purpose is only to be a bus driver or a musician? I feel we are missing something very important.


“Awareness is the power that is concealed within the present moment. … The ultimate purpose of human existence, which is to say, your purpose, is to bring that power into this world.”
– Eckhart Tolle

I believe Eckhart Tolle has revealed something very profound in these short words. An answer to our life long question. And yet many people will simply pass this by as irrelevant. No, they want to know their occupation. Or perhaps they want to hear that they are Jesus, and have come back to save the world. The truth is so simple, yet people believe it is inconsequential, something irrelevant to their lives.

What a shame, because what he is saying is very true. That Is our purpose. When you consider that we decided to come to this earth now, during this global crisis, it makes complete sense. Why else would we come here? Why would we leave the Shire, unless it was for this? Certainly not to become a nurse or a policeman.

Why did Frodo and Sam leave the Shire? There was a divine purpose. It wasn’t just to have an adventure. They left on a mission, which entailed many hardships and dangers. They left to confront evil, as it was going to devour all of Middle Earth, including the Shire. Truth is the one thing that can drive back the evil, so they fulfilled their purpose. Their actions brought the power of awareness to Middle Earth. The allegory is very deep and profound. Evil was stopped.


To bring awareness into this world, you must first bring it into yourself, by awakening to it. Then you do what you can to bring that awareness to others. This is why we came here. This is why we chose such a difficult time, not to become a gardner or a businessman.

So sometimes I wonder, my imagining of how the world could be – Is it from our ancient past? Is this from where we came? Or is this where we are headed? Could a golden age appear from the ashes of this world? Maybe it is both. We came out of the Shire, and we are returning to it. Just a cycle of time, like the cycle of the seasons. We have come from spring, and we are about to enter it again. So are my imaginations ancient remembrances, or prophetic visions, premonitions of tomorrow? I think it is both.

– Greg Calise