More On Embracing Evil by Greg Calise


I have discussed the notion of embracing evil in quite a few posts. I feel that I must clarify this topic, as I know that there is a philosophy that has become quite popular, and it teaches that one must embrace evil to bring everything into balance. This philosophy actually has no basis in Truth, and I would like to explain why that is so.

When I did have my awakening, I saw that all was forgiven, because from that state, there are no perpetrators, as there is no evil or conflict. There is only divine love. I saw all of my adversaries in a new light. Everything is done out of love. From that platform of awareness, I could see that we all made certain agreements with each other to play certain roles here in the cosmos, the stage, or field of action where there is conflict and evil. We all needed these certain experiences for our soul. A learning experience, but really, just the experiences. So out of a pure love for each other, we agree to interact, and that even means to become each other’s adversary. So if you look at all of the adversaries in your life, in truth, they are acting out of love for you.


But in this realm, in their ego state, they don’t love you at all. They may even want you dead. So it is wise to act accordingly. In Unconditional Love and the Cosmos, I wrote:

“But we are existing now in the cosmos, more exactly, in physical time and space. On this plane, the attribute of unconditional love does not apply well. In this realm of consciousness, there are others that are not very loving. They are not acting out of love, but fear and conflict. In other words, if you are living in a world where others want to cause harm, you had better be wise enough to know who to trust, and how to avoid harm.

“You can’t afford to just love everyone. You had better have your boundaries, because not everyone has your interests in their mind. There are many who would love to take advantage of you. You had better have good discretion, intelligence, knowledge and intuition to know who or what is not in your best interest.”

I know that this teaching of embracing evil has become very popular. And the more you hear something, especially from sources you regard as authorities, you will eventually believe it to be true. Evil is defined by some sages as ignorance of one’s true Self. Eckhart Tolle defines it as insanity. I define it as ignorance, violence and insanity. So why would you want to embrace ignorance, insanity and violence? To embrace means to accept, condone or support something. So do you accept and support genocide, pedophilia, torture, or any other form of violence?

Even Eckhart Tolle does not condone violence. He explains it as insanity, and he does speak about insanity as well as ignorance. Evil exists because people have become so far removed from the Truth of who they are. Why else do the great sages and prophets speak? They speak to eradicate ignorance and dispel the illusions. Ignorance is evil. So they come to eradicate evil. So why would you embrace it?


When one awakens to his true Self, in that space, there is no evil, no conflict, disharmony or aversion. It doesn’t exist in that realm. But we are not in that realm, and neither can we pretend that we are. That is not being real. It is actually an illusion to pretend that you are at a higher level of consciousness than you actually are. Let me explain. This physical realm is in the cosmos, and is the densest realm, or dimension, not only in the cosmos, but in the entire universe. We are being compressed here, which has an effect on consciousness. In this plane of existence, there is an extreme duality, and there is also conflict between the various dualities. That is a fact, and you cannot pretend it is not so. It does not do any good to pretend that evil does not exist on this plane. It does.

Even if one awakens to his true Self and the ego shatters, that does not mean everyone else has awakened with you. For you, there is no conflict or evil in that space of consciousness. So you may have awakened, but the rest of the world has not. They are still identifying with their egos. That cannot be denied, so they are still in conflict, and evil still exists. When Chuang Tzu was alive, there was a huge bloody war taking place all around him. He stated that dead bodies were laying all over the countryside, and if the country was any smaller, there would be not enough space for the dead bodies. So he may have awakened, but he was surrounded by evil, and he acknowledged it. He did not pretend that it did not exist. So yes, there is a paradox. The sage is living in a consciousness of peace and harmony, but he sees that all around him there is not peace and harmony. And when he speaks, he speaks to dispel ignorance, insanity and violence. The Buddha spoke nonviolence. He did not speak about condoning or supporting violence. Remember, to embrace means to accept, condone and support something.

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In the new age teachings, they tell everyone to practice unconditional love, and to love everyone and everything. This is not realistic. Have you ever experienced true divine unconditional Love? You can only experience it when the false sense of self shatters, the false ego dies, and you awaken to your true Self. Eckhart Tolle explains that love is not a doorway. Love flows forth when the doorway is opened. This divine love is nothing like human love, which is only a dim reflection of divine love. It really isn’t anything like it. It is beyond the heart, in the deepest realm of your Being. When it decides to come forth (She does this when She pleases) it springs forth like a geyser, inundating your entire Being and everything and every creature it touches. She does this without discrimination, unconditionally. This is unconditional love. Human love is not like this, It is conditional, for one thing.

If you think you can just “love” indiscriminately, loving everyone, notice if it is even human love, or just a mental conjecture. Do you really love an evil psychopathic murderer in the same way you love your wife and children, or is it only a mental conjecture, or a flimsy fake love?

Even if we are speaking of sending human love to evil, what does that actually mean. It means a deep feeling of affection, or an affectionate approval, a deep attachment, to like very much or find pleasure in. So why would anyone love evil? Do you see how illogical this philosophy is? People just don’t think, they don’t take the time to understand something. They just blindly accept.


None of the true sages have taught to love unconditionally. What they do tell you is to awaken to yourself. Concentrate on that, and that alone. Wake up yourself. Only then can you understand unconditional love. I know this “love your enemies” come from religions, but you must know what I feel about religion. The new age has picked up on this as well. When you awaken to who you truly are, you can see where these catch phrases come from, and why they are being propagated. In fact, you only have to awaken and become aware of the deceptions in the world to see where they originate from.

Even if you awaken to your true Self, and decide to remain in that state, you do not preach to people to practice unconditional love, because you know that they don’t even know what it is or what it means. The sages don’t speak about that. They may speak kindness, caring, forgiveness and other virtues; virtues that people understand, but virtues are the opposite of evil. The sages do not condone evil, nor do the teach people to embrace evil or to become evil. What they do teach is to awaken yourself to unconditional love. In that state of existence, evil and conflict do not exist. But that state cannot be simply imagined; it must be realized.


Try to understand this fact that is staring you in the face at every moment. Earth is under siege. Anyone can see that there is an evil so powerful, that it is devouring everything in its path. Its goal is total destruction. Not only is this obvious in the never ending wars and genocide, the rapid destruction of the environment, the debauchery and eroding of society and government, but also the consciousness of humanity. Are you just going to sit back and pretend it’s not happening, that it’s all just an illusion, a dream, and it isn’t important? Are you going to be passive and just send all the evil psychopaths love? Are you going to pretend that it is all just love and light, and that evil doesn’t really exist, that it’s only an illusion? What are you going to do when it knocks on Your door. I’m sure you will snap out of your fantasy then, except it will be too late. Can you see where this fake love and light, send love to evil, let’s all hold hands teachings are coming from? It is coming from evil itself, to pacify the masses, to hypnotize them into a docile state of non-action.


So yes, if you embrace evil, you invite it into your Being, into your life. This false teaching originates from evil. So please contemplate what I am saying. I know that it is not easy to change a paradigm so swiftly, but the further you advance in consciousness, they more you will have to do this, because there are so many false beliefs that must be faced. Nisargadatta explains that one should investigate these matters to dispel the illusions. To know the Truth, first you must dispel the lies. My instructions to people really boil down to this: Investigate and be real. Once you do awaken to your true Self, that is the key to solving the dilemma of evil, because evil will no longer exist in that state. This philosophy of loving and embracing evil to bring it all into balance and harmony is not realistic. Evil is ignorance, and ignorance is the opposite of Truth, in the sense that Truth destroys ignorance, just as light dispels darkness.

A similar philosophy is that we bring the false ego with us into enlightenment, but that is impossible. Yet some authors go to great lengths to try to justify it as Truth. But the false ego is simply a misperception of who you are. It’s a mistake, an illusion. The misperception must shatter to reveal the true Self, just as the darkness is dispelled by the light. In the same way, evil is dispelled by Truth. Therefor the solution to dispelling evil, ignorance, violence and suffering is to awaken to your true Self.

But as long as we remain here in the matrix, evil still exists, because the people trapped in the matrix have not awakened, so evil is still prevalent here. That is just an unavoidable fact, so we must act accordingly, with due diligence and discernment. Each person that does awaken, punches a hole in the matrix, which allows the light of conscious awareness to enter to dispel the darkness of evil. So the solution for the world, as well as the Self, is to awaken to who you truly are.

– Greg Calise