The Gift of Being Human by Greg Calise


It seems that we are unsatisfied with our human condition. We feel limited, powerless and finite in this condition. Many strive to become gods – Immortal, limitless and full of power. We have a tendency to want things to go the way we want. We want to have the power to magically change things, whether for good or for bad. We have many wishes, and many people pray to their gods to fulfill them. We feel imprisoned in our present condition. We want to somehow magically change the divine plan.

But then, perhaps we are missing something wonderful; an incredible opportunity. And perhaps we have overlooked the fact that being human is a great gift. We may not have godly powers, but what would we do with them? How would we misuse them? Whose lives would we interfere and disrupt? Do you remember the movie Bruce Almighty? If we were immortal, would we savor the moments we have here? If we had no limits, we would have no challenges. Don’t you think that we would eventually become bored?


We may strive to be gods, but we forget that we were once gods before. Now many people look upon our human condition as some sort of punishment, or some sort of prison. Perhaps we ran out of good karma, and we were thrust down here to build them again, so we could regain our status as gods. Perhaps we are evolving to become gods. The Truth is that we chose to come here. We were never forced to engage in the human experience. Oh, if we could only treasure the gift of being human. It is here in this condition that we have such a great opportunity for learning and proving our mettle. Mettle means a person’s ability to cope well with difficulties or to face a demanding situation in a spiritual and resilient way. How can a god do this? What challenges do they face? What satisfaction of overcoming a diversity can a god feel? No, being human is not a prison, but a great gift.

When one awakens, he is faced with a choice: To continue in a space of emptiness, and for some, even the loss of their individuality, or to hold on to his humanity. Now some sages chose the former, and they simply became aloof from the world. Raman Maharshi said that he sees no suffering. He saw the world as an illusion, and had no interest in it, or the plight of humanity. He gave up his humanity, and the joys and sorrows of such an existence. That is fine, but the second choice gives a unique opportunity. It is to experience a great paradox. The paradox of perceiving from two opposing perceptions.

“All opposites are reconciled within the Absolute.”
– Tattva Sutra


Does not the creator of the universe both create and destroy? Is he not the origin of birth and death? Does he not create the creation? Why? He has no need, as he is Self-fulfilled. He is wanting of nothing, because he is always full. He creates in the same way a person dances. There is no reason and nothing is accomplished by the dance. It is done out of exuberance This is described in the Vedanta Sutra. It is his Lila, his play, his game. And he appears as Avatars and goes through the human condition. As Rama, he experienced his wife Sita kidnapped by Ravana, and he goes through the ordeal of saving her. Krishna created demons so he could battle with them. So even the creator of the entire universe is attracted to his creation of humanity. Yes, we are living a great gift.

I found that after awakening, I chose to keep my humanity. There is something beautiful about wonder, about compassion, about laughing, about relating to people as a person, and not as some enlightened, aloof sage. If you knew me as a person, you would see me as just another person, not so different from anyone else. I have no air of superiority or aloofness. I love jokes and I love to laugh. I enjoy talking to people. I love to feel the human condition, the wind blowing, the Sun shining, the birds singing.


So I live in a paradox, where I can perceive the world from a very enlightened state, and simultaneously from the human perspective. I don’t have any wishes for power or immortality. I am fine just the way I am. What would I change? Would that not interfere in the experiences that other people have come here for? Wouldn’t that put a spanner in the divine plan? What I do is simply offer knowledge, offer Truth to those who are interested. That simple action is allowing the light of awareness to seep into the Earth to push back the evil.

On one side, I can see that everything is absolutely perfect just the way it is. The universe set it up like this, so who am I to judge that or to change it? And yet from my eyes of humanity, I am living in, as described in Taoism, the world of ten thousand things, a play of Yin and Yang. It is here that is born my compassion, my sorrow for suffering and the awareness of violence of evil. How can I remain aloof from this? How can I deny my humanity, to abandon the suffering, to live a life aloof from those that need help? How can I abandon the world? How can I abandon Mother Earth? Did Jesus deny his humanity? Did he abandon his compassion? And yet so many run to follow the escapists, because they too want to escape. They too want to abandon their fellow humans and run away to some emptiness, devoid of life, devoid of individuality, devoid of fullness.


I believe that they are missing a wondrous gift. Consider that the supreme godhead of the universe takes delight in coming as avatars. He loves to engage in his own Lila, his own play. It is described in the ancient texts that he becomes human. He even covers himself at times with his Yogamaya potency of forgetfulness, so he can experience the full human experience. He cries, he laughs he feels joy, and he battles the demons. When he battles the demons, he forgets he is god, so that he can experience the challenge.

And now we find ourselves in a very precarious situation, where we find evil closing in, bent on complete destruction. We chose to come here now. Why? Because it gives us a great opportunity to feel our humanity, to feel compassion, to show mercy, to demand justice and morality, to do battle with evil. And yet so many people avoid even looking at it. I believe that this new age religion is one of the greatest deceptions on the planet. So many people refusing to even acknowledge any form of negativity, they prefer to live in an illusion that it doesn’t exist, and they pretend that it is spiritual. They are denying the gift of being human. How many lifetimes will they have to experience before they get that chance again? So don’t deny this great gift of being human.

– Greg Calise