That Voodoo Magic Shit by Greg Calise


Voodoo magic shit – That’s what I call religion, because it’s got you under its spell. People become completely controlled by their religion. Some fundamentalists will kill themselves and/or others for their god and their faith. Just look at any history book. So many atrocities are played out in the name of religion. That’s a heavy spell.

Think about it, religion is about two things. The first is praying, or asking god or various saints to grant benedictions. So people pray to god for curing disease, or helping people, to win a war, or for money, a spouse, dissolve our sins, save us from hell, to pay the rent, get the job, or to just get laid. So god is our order supplier, but he’s not very good at it, because he’s not really supplying anything. That little detail seems to be missing in all of the religions. How many prayers get answered? And how do you know He answered them? It was going to happen anyway. God had nothing to do with it. The gods they pray to are not the true god. They are not the creator of All, and we are not anybody’s children. God is an impostor. A demiurge who is pretending to be god, the creator of all that is. How many gods and goddesses have there been in recorded history? Do you realize that millions of people have believed their god or goddess to be the creator of all there is? So were they the true gods? And yet your god is the real deal? That’s what they thought.


The second aspect of religion is praising, worshipping and giving service, sacrifice and tithings to the gods and priests. They want your energy. They love the money and they love the worship. So everyone is worshipping an impostor god who can’t supply them anything. That’s a bad business deal. It’s like paying for a house and not getting it. The whole thing is a scam. Look at how many churches and temples have been built, all at great cost and labor. These demiurges drink up the worship, as it helps sustain them.

So I don’t know which is worse, asking benedictions from an impostor, who can’t supply anything of any good, or praising, worshipping and giving tithings to such an impostor. It’s not looking very good either way. But it gets worse. The very god that they worship and pray to is actually their prison warden. The impostor gods control the matrix of lies and deceptions, enslaving humanity. So while the religious flocks are all worshipping and praying to god, god is also preying………. on them.

George Carlin

The Truth is that religion is actually really just a sham. And yet most of the world is immersed in one religion or new age religion. It’s very difficult for someone following a religion to hear anything that might be considered blasphemy, sacrilege, taboo or even different from his own personal religious belief. So it is very difficult to get someone to question his philosophy, his religion, his god, his guru or priest, or to question his scriptures. They don’t want to hear anything contrary to their religion or ideology. There is an immense fear surrounding this. Truth is the enemy of religion, because it exposes it.

If you look at religion with clear and impartial eyes, the entire structure collapses and is exposed as an elaborate scam. This has been going on for thousands of years. And they have gotten away with it. Think about That. A gigantic world wide scam going on for thousands of years. Any prophet that is worth profit, will be hijacked after his death, as a religion springs up around him, the priests take over, doctor the teachings and make a flock of obedient followers. It’s been going on since recorded history. I find it quite astonishing to see that this scam has been going on without being exposed for so many thousands of years.


A major part of the religious programming is based on fear and guilt. These are the two gatekeepers that keep one bound in the matrix of religion. The fear, the guilt and the shame one faces by questioning god or scriptures. Such blasphemy is punishable by damnation of the soul. Who are we to question god? People are very fearful to question anything about their religion, as it’s taboo. they fear losing their soul, which is a complete lie. So people remain trapped in its spell. It’s got a spell on you. Now that is real Voodoo Magic Shit. It’s been happening for thousands of years.

– Greg Calise