Unwind by Greg Calise


Do you notice that most people have to be continually doing something? If not physically, then mentally. We seem to be very addicted to doing. An experiment was conducted where individuals were left in an empty room for 15 minutes. The majority of the participants would rather electrocute themselves, rather than to be left alone with their thoughts for 15 minutes. Mind you, they are still left in the room by themselves, but they would still rather electrocute themselves. Now isn;t this peculiar? You can read about this experiment here.

We have been bombarded by TV, movies, video games, and so much entertainment, since we were little children. Now we have computers, smart phones and tablets, we are being bathed in wifi, HAARP and dirty electrical radiation, as well as other factors like GMOs, food additives, sugar, drugs, and more. Our brain and body’s natural and delicate electrical system is being bombarded with these frequencies. It’s really no wonder that people have become incapable of sitting still.


Now consider that we are also programmed by the clock. I wrote about this in Another Look At Time. Society, religion, government, state education, the media and even our parents and spouses frown upon doing nothing. That’s not part of the program. Spend a Saturday afternoon snoozing in a hammock in the back yard, and people think you are lazy, wasting time. We hear such BS from the christian priests, like, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” “Idle hands are the devil’s hands.” This entire civilization is like a colony of ants. Everyone rushing around, working all day to maintain the elite. You never see ants taking a break.

If a person is incapable of sitting still for a few minutes without going crazy, then there is little chance that such a person can even begin the inner journey, what to speak of ever waking up. So this civilization is detrimental to one’s path to awakening, as well as being detrimental to one’s health, happiness and well being, as well as the detriment of Mother Nature. It is unnatural, and that can be seen everywhere by the fact that we have become so divorced from Mother Nature, our selves, and other people. This is exactly what the controllers want, because it becomes so much easier to control and farm humanity.

This is what we are up against. The environment has become very difficult to overcome. But it can be done. Practice doing nothing. Simplify your life. If you can, throw away your watch, and even your clock. Dump the TV, get away from electronics as much as you can. You may instead decide to read a book, do yoga, learn to play music, learn art, take up a hobby, or go fly a kite. And spend some time doing nothing, meditating, contemplating, walking in the park, playing with your pets. It takes some time to unwind from such a tense society. There are also tools for cleaning up these destructive frequencies, such as orgonite, grounding mats, Slim Spurling’s tools, Dr, Yannick’s products, Tachyon, and others. You can find these online. Most of them really do work.


I am sitting here observing my cat. She is an indoor cat, confined to an apartment, yet she is very content here. She does nothing most of the day. She can stare out the window for hours, lay around, zone out, and just be lazy (of course she has her wild spells), and she is quite fine with that. Most animals do not have a problem with sitting still. The plants sit still their entire lives. Yet we are trapped in this artificial program of constantly needing to be doing something.

Many people have feelings of guilt if they take some time off and do nothing. I know. I used to be like that. Ask yourself why that is the case. Why should you feel guilty? Because you have been programmed to feel guilty. Don’t buy into this nonsense. Do you notice that as soon as you start to unwind and relax, immediately the mind tells you that you should be doing important and urgent things, which in reality, aren’t very important or urgent at all. So we sit down to relax, and we immediately feel guilty, anxious, and stressed. We can’t unwind and relax, so we get up and do something, so as to not feel the guilt. People can’t even unwind enough to sleep at night.


It has been shown that people are much more productive if they are well rested, with breaks throughout the work day. So why is it that our controllers do not want people to take time off to relax and do nothing? Because as long as we are busy doing things, always with a long list of ‘to do’ chores, always bombarded with programmed information, and never having enough time, always anxious and fearful, then we cannot get in touch with ourselves, we can never contemplate, meditate or go for a relaxing walk. Our awareness is always ‘out there’ in the peripheral. There is no chance of waking up, or even to figure out that you are being screwed by these false programs.


People are all wound up, full of tension, ready to explode, yet they still won’t slow down. Besides being very unhealthy, it really does a number to one’s mind and relationships as well. So don’t let yourself get wound up. Take time off and unwind. You don’t want to end up snapping.

I have an idea for a social rebellion: Take time off. Do nothing. Stay home. Don’t go shopping. Dump the media and entertainment. This takes Gandhi’s noncompliance movement one step further. When people ask me what I do all day, and I say, “Nothing.” you should see the looks on their faces. Usually their eyes bug out. I’m sure that they think I am crazy, lazy and useless. So this is my social movement.

– Greg Calise