7 Questions To Ask Your Hairstylist Before the ‘Makeover’

Before you think of a makeover, you must be having dreams and expectations as to how you will look post the makeover. You need to ask the right set of questions to your hair stylist before you even get started off. Getting a bad haircut is irreversible and cuts you short in terms of maintaining a cool image or a persona for yourself.

It takes 6-8 months for your hair to grow back and undo the damage. As always said “Prevention is better than cure”. Rather than having a bad haircut or putting up with a style you don’t like in the least or doing away with a miserable color on your hair, it is better you pose the right kind of questions to your hair therapist before he places the scissors on your head:

1.      What Cut Will Suit Me?

You can just ask the hair stylist as to what kind of hair cut is best suited for your particular hair type. This question forms an important core of your style quotient. The model on the picture might just look fabulous with a particular hair style or rather the style might be the trend setter in the upcoming market. But does the cut or style suit your hair type? You need to know well in advance before you indulge in a haircut. Certain hair styles look their awesome best on certain hair types while the same style might look terrible on others. You and your hair stylist need to strike a subtle balance between the two.

2.      How flattering is the hair style to your face cut?

The next question, you probably need to ask your hair stylist is if the particular hair cut suits your facial features or no. Say for example, if your face is too long with the neck bone protruding, a wavy hair style or loose waves may not suit your face type. While plump girls look better in wavy hair styles. For an oval face, a neat bun or a French braid might look at your awesome best.

Before you even head to a nearby salon, you can try out a few hair styles with the help of a curler or diffuser right away at home. You will have a fair idea on what hair style suits your face and what does not. Then you can decide to go in for the real plunge.

3.      What Kind of Products Will You Use?

You can ponder over the kind of hair styling products the therapist is going to use on your head. There is nothing wrong in asking him/her on kind of shampoo, conditioner, styling products or nourishing items that are going to be used for your hair. Some of these products may or may not suit your hair type.

4.      Do you have prior experience?

If you have special requirements pertaining to your hair type, you need to ask your hair stylist with specific questions. Like, you have thin hair but you want a particular hair style that adds volume and bounce to your hair. You can probe if the hair stylist has a prior experience of working with a similar hair type before. If the hair stylist is pretty new and not sure on what needs to be done to your hair, then she can recommend a more experienced hair stylist to handle your haircut.

5.      How long does it take to style?

The hair stylist may take a shorter span of time to have the hair styling done. But it takes you a little longer to get the shape and style desired for. As it takes a longer while for you to get into the groove, you can ask quick fix ideas with the hair stylist as how the typical style can be achieved in less than desired amount of time. May she can suggest you certain kind of combs or bristles with which the magical style can be achieved in minutes.

6.      How often do I need to wash my hair?

You can ask your hair stylist as how often you need to wash your hair to help your locks and style remain in place. Few haircuts don’t require elaborate maintenance in terms of frequent hair washes or oiling. While few others require deep conditioning. You can get the whole thing clarified.

Also ask if the salon suggests hair styling products to keep the hair style in shape for longer. If there is a hair friendly serum pack in the salon itself, you can get a bottle home for yourself.

7.      What kind of hair color suits my hair?

The last question is definitely not the least. In fact this is the most valuable question you need to pose your hair stylist if you are going in for a freaky hair color. You might want a subtle red colored streaks done on the sides of your hair. There is every possibility that your request can be completely misunderstood and the stylist might purple color your hair completely. This happens to quite a number of women and your hair might resemble a crayon colored head. Make sure you don’t have a miserable experience in going in for first time hair color.

To make things easier, you get colored wigs available in the market. You can try your hand by placing the wig across your hair just to see how the looks accentuate your image. And then you can go in for a makeover with regard to a trendy hair color in town.

These questions might look as if you are nagging the hair professional with just too many questions under the sun. But you need to ask the right set of questions at the right time to save your head from a pathetic hair stint or style which ends up you having that sob in your car. To make life easier both for the stylist and for you, make sure you ask the above mentioned questions or even more. But make sure, you pose questions in a subtle way instead of trying to challenge with the hair stylists competency.

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