Best Ways to Damage Your Hair – Want to Know?

In the day and age that we live, it is very easy for us to cause a lot of damage to our body and hair owing to our rushed and unhealthy lifestyle as well as the pollutants and toxins that encompass us all the time.  Adding to the misery, most of us resort to artificial ways to make our hair, skin and appearance look better. What we don’t understand is that this temporary harm can lead to long term permanent damage. Read on to know the factors those contribute to this hair damage.

Styling Tools

Hair Straighteners, Blow Dryers, Rollers et al lead to immense hair damage. Styling your hair everyday makes them weaker and brittle as they are exposed to high temperature. More often than not, styling is done on wet or washed hair, which is considered very harmful. Wet hairs are more prone to getting burnt and reducing the strength and elasticity of hair. Split ends are a recurring problem for the people who style their hair often. Therefore bear in mind to use these tools only once in a while when you think it’s absolutely necessary.

Hair Treatments

It’s a myth that hair treatments such as smoothening, keratin therapies et al save your hair. They rather ruin your hair a lot more than you can imagine. You might object by saying that the hair become soft and shiny, but that is just the temporary reaction. In the longer term, it leads to hair loss, split ends and lower hair volume.

Food Habits

Unhealthy food habits also take a toll on the hair health of a person. In fact experts have suggested that if you don’t include enough green vegetables and at least one fruit in your daily diet, it will sure to make your hair brittle and dry.


Personal or workplace stress is found to be another considerable reason for hair damage. When a person is distressed, they tend to affect their hair growth cycle. You may notice losing clumps of hair while brushing or washing if you’re in a stressful situation in life. Stress also turns hair gray before age.

So if you’re dealing with the hair damage problem and doing any of the above mentioned things, then save yourself the torture and improve your habits now. It’s never too late to start.

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