4 Stylish Curly Hairstyle to Spice Up Your Look

Ultra straight hair can sometimes look boring and monotonous. The flip side of having straight hair is that you cannot try a variety of hair styles on your gorgeous hair. You can either leave your hair open else you can tie it up as a bun.

While you can choose a variety of hair styles with curly and wavy hair. You can leave it out in the open. Curly hair when left open gives it a fuller and a more voluminous look.

A Curvy Trend

Take a wide side partition and blow your hair silky smooth. Then you can use a medium sized curling iron on small sections. Don’t brush out the curls. Instead mist your hair with a holding spray. This keeps your curls in-tact over time. Nicole Kidman manages to pull off the hairstyle at ease.

Wonder Technique for the Wavy Hair

Mix the hair styling cream and curl cream together in a neat porcelain bowl with the help of a spatula. Apply to small portions of your hair by creating sections. Then with the help of a diffuser blow dry your hair.

Either use a curl iron or twist the flat iron to give better definition to those areas which are not as wavy as other. Finish off the look with a mist of holding spray. When Michelle Pfeiffer can, why can’t you?

Layer Cut Effect Done Right Away at Home

You can create soft waves right at the comfort of your home. Apply gel mousse to wet hair and blow dry until the hair is 80% dry. But your scalp still remains wet. So divide your hair into 5 sections and with the help of a boar bristle brush smoothen out starting from the nape of your neck until your hair has completely finished drying up.

After your scalp is like 100% dry, re-section your hair and create soft waves starting from the nape of your neck. This is done using a 2 inch curling iron. Run fingers through your hair to create the natural look and finish it up with a curly hair finishing spray. Go in for brands like Curlisto Glow and Shine. Rebecca Gayheart pulls off the hair style with ease.

Loose Waves

The look is achieved with the help of a 1.5 inch barrel curling iron. In case you have thicker hair use a light tonic which helps keep humidity off your shoulder. Spray gels or mousse completely on wet hair and dry from end to end. To get a natural wavy hair use a diffuser to dry your hair. Don’t touch the curls unless your hair is completely dry.

Create curls by dividing your golden hair into sections and then wrap your hair in the iron using your fingers. Don’t clamp your hair into the iron. It gives you soft and face framing waves. Shakira a famous Latin singer is blessed with natural wavy hair.

These trendy curly hair styles are much sought after by celebrities. And people stand in queues at the hair salon to get these trendy hair styles to rock at parties or to woo friends in casual get together.