Expert Tips On Figure Drawing That You Need To Know

Figure drawing is quite the task but if done in the right way, the results are beautiful not just for the onlookers but the artist as well. If you are looking to do a next level figure drawing, you are at the right place. In this article, we share with you 4 expert tips on figure drawing that you absolutely cannot miss out on.

  1. Make The Rectangle First

First make an outline in a rectangle, estimating a rough size of where your subject might fit in. Make a rough estimate of the height and length of the subject and draw a close to the accurate outline of it. A rectangle is easy for figure drawing as you can resize and scale it later depending on the framework of the figure drawing.

  1. Measurements

Before you start marking the features, make sure you draw the figure first. Most artists do it the other way round which is not right. Marking is supposed to help the drawing, not vice versa. However, if you plan to draw without measuring the drawing won’t be a refined one, and there might be mistakes that you as the artist might not be noticed. So it is a safe bet to measure the features on the drawing and then go ahead with it.

  1. Inflated Torso

Nothing looks worse on a portrait drawing than a balloon-like torso. For some practice, you can use a photo/Image for paint or sketch. It will automatically ruin the entire drawing. No figure is accurately symmetrical on all sides and that is one mistake which all beginners commit. You have to know how to add curves to it otherwise the torso will look flat and definitely not real.

  1. Collarbone

Getting the collarbone right can be tricky but it distinctly adds beauty to a man or woman’s overall appearance. For men, the collarbone is mostly rough and thick and they articulate pronounced curves. While in the case of women, the collarbone is less thick and slender and they are not as distinctly curvy as with the case of men.

Once you have got these four tricks right, you can go ahead to accentuate and highlight the features. You could create focal points in the sense that if you feel certain features in the figure are more beautiful and striking than the others then go ahead and highlight them.

These tips are not just for beginners but also artists who are looking to improve on their figure drawing skills. So go ahead and take out your sketchbook to start practising already. It is always through regular practice that you will understand what is it that you are doing good and where are the areas that need improvement. This will help you in doing your next figure drawing more accurately and as close to real as possible.

If you have thoughts or want to share some ideas on figure drawing, feel free to drop in a line in the comments below. Happy Sketching!

You’ve learned five key drawing tips for mastering the figure. Beginners and learning artists get the inside track on all things drawing from this top-notch instructor. Grab your sketchbook and get started

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